7 Irresistible Cotton Sarees for this Diwali

For Saree lovers, a cotton saree is a wardrobe staple. Owing an ethnic flavour coupled with the crisp and ethereal appeal, cotton saree is inevitably a popular pick. Ranging from simple monotones to designer one’s, one can actually explore a gamut of options while browsing for cotton sarees online. In fact, for this Diwali, one can actually pick up a cotton saree which vouches for a comfy and safe option in addition to adding the ethnic touché. In fact, such is the craze of cotton sarees, that even in foreign nations it is considered to be a fashion statement. Cotton sarees in USA in vibrant shades and mesmerizing patterns are truly head turners.

Cotton sarees as few may be aware of are available in different types which makes the fabric interesting. In fact, one can actually get plethora of designer cotton sarees at best price at online portals like mirraw.com that has pieces that are in alignment with the trending market.  Here is a bunch of selected ones which are handpicked just for you:

  • Tant: – Known for their crisp beauty, the tant sarees of Bengal have spread their charm far and wide. With proper hand woven pattern that are enriched with the snug fabric, one can purchase these cotton sarees online with a few clicks.
  • Sambalpuri- The eye-catching ikkats speak of rich cultural heritage which is spell binding in appeal. Their tie-dyed threads woven to fabricate the ensemble are unique in its art form. These cotton sarees in USA have gained special popularity owing to the vintage ikkat with motifs style.
  • Khadi Sarees- A breathable fabric that is every green in demand is the fabric of Khadi. Khadi sarees are one of the most comfortable and stylish sarees available. With bold prints and subtle shades, the sarees stand out as a masterpiece in themselves.

  • Chanderi cotton Sarees- Known for their amazing prints, chanderi sarees calls out for one of the designer pieces which is versatile in nature. With coin prints, paisley, florals and other geometric patterns embossed on the lustrous fabric in vibrant hues, calls for designer pieces that are a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe.
  • Dhakai Saree- Originated from Dhaka in Bangladesh, the Dhakai Sarees are yet another cotton sarees that have a charm of their own. Ranging from plain simple threads to golden ones weaved out in the form of Zamdani Dhakai, these sarees hold a significant spot for the cotton saree lovers.

  • Chikankari Saree- Chikankari ideally means designer and Chikankari sarees refers to the cotton versions which are embroidered with threads to form different design patterns. Initially, chikankari was done with white threads that contrasted the shade of the sarees, but with changing times and trends, varied hued threads with a splash of palette colours are used for them. Chikankari designer cotton sarees at best price can be easily found on mirraw.com
  • Kota Doria- Weaved from Khats which are essentially square shaped pattern, these Rajasthan originated cotton sarees are a feast for the eyes. The khats in the form of square check pattern are the highlight of these sarees.

Whatever maybe your pick for this Diwali, ensure to maintain your cotton sarees by following simple tricks. For first time wash, use rock salt and ensure to dry the apparel in shades to help prevent discolouration. Also use starch which is easily available in market, to keep the fibres of the sarees alive and crisp. Ironing the sarees with a cloth in between the press and the saree will also help to ensure that life of the sarees is increased.

Cotton sarees are truly one of the favourite picks of Diwali owing to the dash of designs and prints that they are available in market today. So go choose a designer piece for yourself and flaunt your worth