How to Rank up in FIFA Mobile Divisions

Attack mode is a FIFA Mobile competitive feature that allows players to take part in season style matches. A season lasts for 15 days so players have two chances a month to become FIFA champions. Just like in real soccer, FIFA Mobile divides players into divisions. There are 13 divisions or tiers. The first four main divisions have three sub-divisions. Amateur, Pro, World Class, Legendary and FIFA champions are the available divisions. As players compete in matches they will rank up based on how many fans they obtain. Fans are acquired when playing games against other players. The goal is to obtain as many fans as possible and to climb to a higher division before the season ends.

Fans are obtained when scoring goals. Players should keep in mind that matches are played in a turn based style. The main rule is that players get fans according to how many goals they achieve during their turn. The number of fans depends on the division. Players in lower divisions get fans based on how many goals they score but in higher divisions, goals scored against them also count when determining the fans rewards. This FIFA Mobile system was implemented to encourage new players and to make it easier for them to rank in lower divisions. But this system also works for players in higher divisions. To get a better rank when playing in superior divisions, players don’t only need to score goals but also to be mindful of the goals the opponent scores. This is because the fans reward mechanism takes into consideration the goals difference not just the number of scored goals. Players also lose fans when their opponent scores a goal. Fans are used to determine the rank and the division so players should be careful as they can get demoted if they lose too many games. When the FIFA Mobile season is reset, not all players start at Amateur I rank. Based on their performance in the previous season, they get additional rewards and bonus fans that put them in a higher starting division. Hope this article is helpful for you, and i recommend u7buy for you to buy FIFA Mobile Coins cheap online.