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Dr Paulo Pinho Offers Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney at an Affordable Cost

Sydney, New South Wales (allusatoday) May 22, 2017 – As a dedicated member of Australian Dental Association, Dr Paulo Pinho works closely with leading oral surgeons and excels in performing wisdom teeth removal in Sydney with ease at an affordable cost.

Dr Pinho’s main mission is to make oral surgery affordable and accessible for everyone, and nobody should be left in pain with inadequate dental care.

The spokesperson stated, “By specialising in removal of wisdom teeth, Dr Pinho can offer a quality and efficient service at unbeatable costs. He has made it his mission to offer wisdom teeth removal at affordable prices.”

“There are many factors that determine whether a procedure carries risk or complexity, which is why every patient has an initial assessment consultation with Dr Paulo Pinho. X-Rays are taken for proper examination, your medical history is reviewed, and Dr Pinho explains the procedure to you. You’re then provided with a fixed-price quote with Medicare item numbers.”

Tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth costs about $150 to $350 only. Also, a simple wisdom teeth removal procedure with no complexities costs about $225 to $250 and it is $250 to $375 for surgical wisdom teeth removal with a number of complexities.

The price for removing a single wisdom tooth may vary depending on the complexity whereas the removal of four wisdom teeth would cost only $970 and no additional charges apply.

“Payment plans and financing options are available to you and can be discussed in your initial consultation. Financial hardship is not a reason to ignore your dental health, and Dr Pinho strives to be as accommodating as possible,” concluded the spokesperson.

Dr Paulo Pinho has limited his practice only to wisdom teeth removal and dental implants to offer the best service at an affordable cost. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Dr Paulo Pinho has become the only dentist to offer cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

About Dr Paulo Pinho

Being a dedicated member of Australian Dental Association, Dr Paulo Pinho has limited his specialisation to wisdom teeth removal and implant dentistry to provide a high quality dental service at an affordable cost. Visit for more information.

Contact Name: Paulo Pinho

Contact Address:
Suite 4 Level 12, 187 Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW
Australia – 2000
Phone Number: 1300 721 184


SportsMed Subiaco Lists the Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy in Perth

Perth, Western Australia (allusatoday) May 15, 2017 – Since 1998, SportsMed Subiaco, the State’s premier health care facility excels in the diagnosis and management of sporting-related injuries. They also follow a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients of all ages and all levels of fitness.

The professionals at SportsMed Subiaco also specialise in sports physiotherapy in Perth and share extensive and unique experience with elite athletes across a wide variety of sporting and artistic disciplines.

They are affiliated by Australian Medical Association, Australasian College of Sports Physicians, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Curtin University and more.

In an interview, “Sports physiotherapists have additional expertise in the assessment and management of sporting injuries among people who participate at a high level of sport, have a large training load or volume, or simply enjoy competing at social levels,” stated the spokesperson of SportsMed Subiaco.

The sports physiotherapists at SportsMed Subiaco are skilled in superior myofascial treatment techniques, advanced exercise prescription & late-stage rehabilitation, periodisation planning, injury prevention screenings, and more.

Further talking on the benefits of sports massage in Perth, “Massage therapy is used for a multitude of conditions such as headaches, stress, muscle tension, lymphatic congestion and improves the overall function of the body systems,” he stated.

The various massage treatments offered at SportsMed Subiaco are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage and more.

“Our massage therapists are also highly trained in offering pregnancy massage too. Pregnancy massage is a relaxing, nurturing therapy providing a soothing touch to help release the emotional and physical tension commonly experienced during pregnancy,” concluded the spokesperson of SportsMed Subiaco.

About SportsMed Subiaco:

Being accredited by Sports Medicine Australia, SportsMed Subiaco has become the State’s premier health care facility by following innovative multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. Visit for more information.

Contact Name: Michael Devine

Contact Address:
St John of God Subiaco Clinic Suite 101, 175 Cambridge St
Subiaco, Perth, WA
Australia – 6008
Phone Number: (08) 9382 9600


Tooth Implant Sydney Sources Dental Implants from World-Renowned Makers

Sydney, New South Wales (allusatoday) May 11, 2017 – Tooth Implant Sydney, one of the leading centres for dental implant procedures in Sydney, recently revealed that their high quality dental implants are sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Straumann, Dentium and Osstem. Such high quality dental implants are offered at a price of $1500.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “We are proud to offer our high quality dental implants at a competitive price of $1500. Most patients choose us for dental implant procedures not just because of the state-of-the-art treatments that we offer, but also for our commitment to offer the best in class dental implants that boasts minimal maintenance and high durability.”

Dental implants in Sydney have become the first choice for people for replacement of missing tooth, which might be caused due to disease, decay or trauma. Dental implant procedures typically involve a metal implant that is surgically placed into the jawbone, acting as a root for the artificial tooth. This lets the artificial tooth to remain intact for several years to come.

“A missing tooth can do more impact on your appearance and confidence. The gap in your gums can also affect the alignment of teeth and increase the risk of developing other dental conditions. Our Sydney dental implant dentists at Tooth Implant Sydney will answer all of your questions regarding the different kind of dental implants and help you in making the right choice of procedure,” stated the spokesperson.

Tooth Implant Sydney offers single tooth implants that involve replacement of single tooth, multiple tooth implants used to replace multiple missing teeth and full set implants that offer support for implant dentures and are safe & comfortable to use. Tooth Implant Sydney have specialists in dental implants who have great experience in the procedure and have invested heavily in modern equipment to guarantee safer and more effective dental implants.

The dental implant procedure begins with an initial consultation that involves a detailed examination to assess the condition, after which the implant will be customised to satisfy their needs. The procedure will be subsequently performed by their team of highly trained dentists offering custom dental solutions based on the condition of the jaw bone.

About Tooth Implant Sydney:

Tooth Implant Sydney offers high quality dental implants for patients and is committed to give back the smile using their permanent dental implants. For more details, visit

Contact Name: Paulo Pinho

Level 12 187 Macquarie Street
Australia 2000
Phone: 1300 850 072


National Hospice Provider Facilitates Access to Dignified End-of-Life Care in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, Indiana (allusatoday) April 19, 2017 – Harbor Light Hospice offers access to devoted, professional hospice care services to patients facing a terminal illness in Indianapolis, Indiana. Patients and families who pursue the hospice care services of Harbor Light Hospice will experience an improved quality of life. Harbor Light Hospice strives to ensure the patient may live the remainder of their life to the fullest. Harbor Light Hospice’s Indianapolis hospice care services offer dedicated, personalized care and dementia care that provides comfort, peace, and dignity to a patient’s end of life.

Harbor Light Hospice extends their Indianapolis hospice care services to patients in a variety of settings. Patients may receive professional hospice care at home, in an assisted living facility, in a nursing home, or at a hospital. Their hospice care team is made up of trained professionals who will work together to provide the patient with personalized pain management, symptom management, comfort, and other assistance. The patient’s team may be comprised of certified nursing assistants, dietitians, licensed practical nurses, physical/occupational therapists, social workers, doctors, and any other assistance necessary to fulfill the patient’s specific needs.

Though coping with a life-threatening illness can be daunting, patients and families in Indianapolis, IN are offered the quality, expert support of Harbor Light Hospice. Harbor Light Hospice believes no patient should have to struggle or suffer. Harbor Light Hospice’s effective care strives to put all patients at ease, reducing stress and anxiety–creating comfort and dignity at the end of life. The hospice care services offered by Harbor Light Hospice are profoundly wholistic, caring for the whole patient: improving their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The hospice care services offered by Harbor Light Hospice to Indianapolis, Indiana extend to the bereaved families, assisting with the grieving process following the passing of the loved-one.

Families or patients interested in learning more about the professional hospice care provided by Harbor Light Hospice to Indianapolis, Indiana can visit To have any questions or concerns addressed, you can call Harbor Light Hospice directly at (317)406-5005. To learn more about the importance of hospice care services, visit to read about the goals of hospice care, your hospice care team members, and the conditions cared for by the professional hospice caregivers of Harbor Light Hospice. Their Indianapolis, Indiana office is located at Cedar Green Office Park, 7164 Graham Rd, Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46250. Harbor Light Hospice is headquartered at 800 Roosevelt Ro. Building C Suite 206, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.


Comfort Home Care Provides Helpful FAQ About In-Home Care

Rockville, Maryland (allusatoday) April 19, 2017 – Comfort Home Care, a locally owned and operated in-home care provider, has updated their comprehensive website to include helpful Frequently Asked Questions about in-home care. Comfort Home Care has been providing devoted, in-home care for seniors and disabled individuals in the Montgomery County area since 1999. Their passion and dedication for their patients extend to their online presence. Comfort Home Care’s website is full of helpful and informative blogs, articles, and services pages, that all serve to provide patients and families with better information on in-home care. Now, Comfort Home Care’s helpful resources have been updated to include Frequently Asked Questions about in-home care services, covering common concerns, general questions, and recurring queries about the services provided by Comfort Home Care.

Comfort Home Care provides Certified Nursing Assistants and Geriatric Nursing Assistants licensed by the state of Maryland. Their Bethesda in-home care givers are highly skilled, trained, and certified in assisting with the activities of daily living and improving overall quality of life for each patient. In-home care can serve a variety of needs. In-home care is a completely customizable service that allows the patient to receive all the care they need while still remaining in-home and retaining independence. Comfort Home Care offers premier in-home care plans that are uniquely created for every client.

In-home care is often an afterthought for families when seeking senior care services. Comfort Home Care’s online resources seeks to reach out to patients, families, and friends, in order to better educate on the benefits and offerings of in-home care services. Comfort Home Care regularly publishes blogs covering all topics about in-home care and why a family may choose in-home care. Their online resources investigate the services provided by in-home care, the basics of Activities of Daily Living, how to find the right in-home caregiver, and more. Comfort Home Care has added Frequently Asked Questions to their comprehensive collection of valuable resources in order to provide patients and families with the accurate, helpful information they are looking for.

Patients or families with questions about in-home care may visit Comfort Home Care’s FAQ page at Should a family or patient like to know more about the specific in-home care services offered by Comfort Home Care, they may visit or call Comfort Home Care directly at 301-984-7681. Comfort Home Care schedules free consultations. Comfort Home Care is located at 121 Congressional Ln #201, Rockville, MD 20852.


Tooth implant Sydney offers $1500 high quality dental implants

Sydney, New South Wales (allusatoday) April 7, 2017 – Though human teeth are designed to last a lifetime, they actually don’t. If a person loses a tooth, restoring that tooth is very important for his/her general health and the health of the remaining teeth. With a missing tooth, a person may not only lose the ability to chew foods properly but the other teeth may also get tipped, lost, crowded or suffer from any other subsequent problem. The individual may also be subjected to emotional problems, as the missing tooth may lead to poor appearance and lower self-esteem. Dental Implants in Sydney are capable of replacing any number of missing teeth from a single tooth to whole mouth and restoring your confidence and quality of life. It is considered to be more effective and predictable than bridgework, resin bonded bridges and endodontic treatment.

In Sydney, dental implants are costly and regular patients cannot afford it. However, the cost of dental implants can vary from one person to another. Tooth implants Sydney is a professional dental care provider and here dental implant surgery is done at affordable rates.

According to the spokesperson of the clinic, “Dental implants are the perfect solution to replace your missing teeth. It eliminates all your insecurity about the missing teeth and let you eat, smile and laugh with confidence and dignity. But the dental implants cost in Sydney is usually high. But it is not necessary to let it hold you back from a happier and healthier smile. At Tooth implants Sydney, our expert team delivers premium service in every aspects of your treatment. We provide easy and pain free implant surgery with the use of advanced technology at minimal rate.”

The clinic is dedicated exclusively for dental implants. Hence, they could offer implant surgery at significantly cheaper price.

He also added,” Our dental implants are obtained from well-acclaimed dental implant makers such as Straumann, Dentium and Osstem. We are happy to announce that we are now offering $1500 high quality implants”

About the Tooth Implant Sydney

Tooth implants Sydney is locally available in Sydney and provides permanent solution for your missing teeth at affordable rates. To know more, visit

Contact details
Contact Name: Paulo Pinho
Address: Level 12 187 Macquarie Street , Sydney, NSW, Australia-2000
Phone Number: 1300 850 072


Faux Tanning Tips with Self-Tanning Products

If you are lucky enough to have been born on a tropical island, then you are also most likely blessed with a natural tan that would give Moana a run for her money. As of late, there has been a great deal of attention drawn towards golden, sun-kissed skin. Today, it is all about the outdoor vibe, channelling Gigi Hadid’s sunny California-girl demeanour. As a result, people are turning to various methods that allow them to obtain this glow including tanning outside under the natural sun or inside a tanning bed. However, it is common knowledge that both of these methods are harmful for both your skin and health, giving way to dangerous conditions such as skin cancer. So for those of you who want to continue tanning but safely, consider self-tanning products instead. And follow these tips for best results.

Image Source – pixabay


By now, we all know that an essential part of skincare, nay the basic step in skincare is exfoliation. Though many know that this is necessary for the face, few know that it is also needed before spray tanning. When you exfoliate, you are removing dead skin cells on your body effectively making way for a clean canvas so to speak, to work with. In order to prevent streaks and uneven blotches with your spray tan, you must exfoliate thoroughly beforehand. Use a good scrub that does not irritate your skin so you can prep yourself. Oh, and make sure it is oil-free too.

Moisturise Dry Areas

What most people forget is that the skin all over our body is different in certain places. The skin on our elbows and knees for instance are drier and rougher than skin on other parts of the body. This calls for some moisturizing, which allows the colour to apply evenly throughout. The backs of your heels are also spots you need to pay attention to. Simply put, if you have dry skin then make sure you moisturise these areas well for around 20 minutes before you self tan. This ensures an even distribution of colour so your tan looks flawless.

Blow-Dry For Fast Drying

Most self-tanning products nowadays come with revolutionary features including quick-drying properties for our super-busy schedules. If however you are really strapped for time, then use the cool setting of your blow-dryer to speed things up. Just lightly blast it all over for a few minutes and presto you are done! Just make sure you do so safely, and always check the settings since the last thing you want is to burn yourself. When done right, this works exceptionally well.

Oil-Free Products

Obviously if you are going through all that trouble, you would want your tan to last as long as possible. A good way to make sure it sticks around, is to avoid all oil-based products at all costs. That includes exfoliators, moisturisers and other lotions. Switch to gentle and mild cleansers, body washes and so on that will help prevent your fake tan from fading off. Oil is a fake tan’s worst enemy so stay as far away from it as you can.


Author Bio –

Shira is an enthusiastic blogger and content marketing manager. Regular contributor to many blogs, she also provides marketing guidance to many SMEs. She is freelancer and provides guest post services to seo agency.

National Provider Harbor Light Hospice Offers Hospice Care at Home in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, Arizona (allusatoday) March 6, 2017 – Harbor Light Hospice is a national hospice care organization that provides their high-quality services to locations across 9 different states. Their Tucson, AZ location serves families in and around the Tucson area. The qualified staff in the Tucson location are able to provide compassionate care to residents of Pima, Santa Cruz, and Pinal counties. This compassionate care and personal touch is what sets Harbor Light Hospice apart from other hospice care organizations around the country. Their mission is to provide the best, most personalized care for people with life-limiting illnesses, allowing them to live the rest of their lives fully and comfortably. The care plan for each client is as unique as the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each client. Services provided to the Tucson, AZ area include on-site nursing, medication and medical supply/equipment management, counseling, therapy support, and more.

Harbor Light Hospice maintains a well-trained, interdisciplinary team of care experts in Tucson, AZ with a range of specialties including licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, registered dietitians, speech, physical and occupational therapists. Spiritual health is also an important consideration and, to that end, a chaplain or spiritual/faith advisor is also available for patients. Oversight directors, trained volunteers, and social workers are also part of a holistic team that provides care. This abundance of experience allows them to provide excellent end-of-life care and support to patients as well as help to families in what can be an intense and difficult time. Their teams have specific training and knowledge about patients with cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney/renal failure, and lung disease.

Additional services and information are offered on Harbor Light Hospice’s website. Loved ones can be contacted through an easy-to-use interface online. Information is also available about advanced care planning, how to work with grief and loss, as well as pain management. An up-to-date blog is maintained to keep families and patients informed about new information and developments in the industry.

Harbor Light Hospice provides first-class care and services to end-of-life patients and their families. Their Tuscon, AZ location allows them to extend those services to an even wider range of patients. Their main office is located at 4703 North 1st Ave., Tucson, AZ 85718. They can be contacted by phone at 520-365-1329. More information can be found on their website at


Kansas City Urology Care is now an Exclusive Provider of PROVENGE

Overland Park, Kansas (allusatoday) February 8, 2017 – Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and can be tricky to treat because of the way it spreads around the body. Recently, a team of immunotherapy specialists has developed a new treatment named “PROVENGE” which is a prescription medicine that is used to treat certain patients with advanced prostate cancer. Kansas City Urology Care is now an exclusive provider of PROVENGE, the first approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer treatment in Kansas City.

A statement released by Kansas City Urology Care says, “We are proud to be an exclusive provider of PROVENGE in Kansas City. PROVENGE is the first therapeutic cancer vaccine to receive approval from the U.S. FDA. For patients with advanced prostate cancer, PROVENGE is an immunotherapy treatment that utilizes the power of the patient’s own immune system to identify and target prostate cancer cells. PROVENGE is available for patients being treated at Kansas City Urology Care as part of our standard of care regimen.”

Kansas City Urology Care, the premier center for urology care has the combined skill and experience to bring you the highest quality urologic care. The team of urologists offers expertise in providing minimally invasive treatments for diseases of the prostate, urinary incontinence, pediatric concerns, kidney stone removal, and all other urologic concerns in multiple locations across the metro area.

While explaining about the treatment, the media person stated, “PROVENGE immunotherapy treatment typically takes one month to be administered, and is given in three intravenous infusions every two weeks. Each dose of PROVENGE is given about three days after the patient’s cell collection procedure. Appointments will take approximately two hours, with the infusion being done by I.V. in about an hour. Patients will be asked to stay in the doctor’s office for at least 30 minutes after the infusion.”

The media person concluded by adding, “To find out more about PROVENGE Immunotherapy and if you are a candidate, please call our specialists at Kansas City Urology Care 913.341.7985.”

About Kansas City Urology Care,

PROVENGE is the first approved immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer and Kansas City Urology Care is now an exclusive provider. For more details, visit

Contact Details

Name: Pete Jameson


10701 Nall Avenue, Suite 100,
Overland Park,
Kansas, USA – 66211
Phone Number: 913.341.7985


RSVP Med Spa Referral Program Offers Impressive Credits for Every Referral Made

Overland Park, Kansas (allusatoday) February 1, 2017 – Being a well-known name in the industry for many years, RSVP Med Spa, the leading medical spa in Kansas City specializes in offering a wide range of services including laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, BOTOX, skin tightening, Visia face complexion analysis and more.

The spokesperson of RSVP Med Spa stated in an interview, “RSVP Med Spa has a genuine desire to enhance your self-image and confidence at any age by delivering results-driven, quality care with state-of-the-art equipment through our highly trained staff. We combine sophistication with a wide range of educational experience, offering cutting edge procedures and services not found anywhere else in the KC area. We offer a full range of med spa services tailored to your own needs for every type.”

RSVP Med Spa provides a referral program in which the referrer will be rewarded $50 credit for each referral, only if the referred client must purchase a service of $100 or more before credit is applied.

“The RSVP Med Spa Referral Program makes it easy for you to share your knowledge about RSVP Med Spa with your friends and colleagues and get rewarded at the same time. For every friend or colleague that you refer and who becomes a RSVP MedSpa Customer, your RSVP Med Spa account is eligible for a $50 credit. The referred client must purchase a service of $100 or more before credit is applied,” reported the spokesperson of RSVP Med Spa.

With over 60 years of combined experience, the staff at RSVP Med Spa is medically trained and consists of Registered Nurses, LPNs, Certified Laser Technicians and Aestheticians. Their unique facility was created to provide an exceptional med spa experience for men and women where quality, luxury, and satisfaction are the main priority.

About RSVP Med Spa:

With over 60 years of combined experience, RSVP Med Spa, a premier medical spa has been delivering a wide range of services including laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, BOTOX and more at the lowest possible rates. Visit for more information.

Contact Name: Jamie Osteen

Contact Address:

13300 Metcalf Ave,
Overland Park, Kansas
USA – 66213
Contact Number: 913-387-1104


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