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What are Soul Shields in Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul has a system called Soul Shields that offer a way to obtain attributes and bonuses. This feature is useful as players can customize their characters and gain stats boosts that offer a performance increase in different occasions. Players may have Soul Shields that help them solo content, Soul Shields that offer an advantage in PvP or Soul Shields for end game PvE. Players can change or swap their Soul Shields from the tab with the same name in Inventory view. It’s not possible to swap Soul Shields in combat. A Soul Shield looks like an octagon divided into eight triangular parts that appear as grayed out when a fragment is not added. Fragments are normal items that are stored in player’s inventories. To discover the fragment’s attributes, players must first unseal it. A fragment can have different attributes and values. These are randomly determined when players unseal it.

Eight fragments are needed to complete a Soul Shield set. Players gain advantages each time they equip a fragment. Bonuses are unlocked for three, five and eight equipped fragments from the same set. There are sets of different quality. The first quality is normal and the best one is Paragon. Blade and Soul has numerous Soul Shields. Fragments are obtained as drops, as rewards or from the valor stones exchange. Players can mix different fragments from different sets into a Soul Shield. In general, it’s recommended to have a 3/5 combo to unlock two bonuses. Fragments can be fused to gain attributes. Players can easily see the attributes that come from fusion as their name will be written in green. Four outcomes are possible from fusion: fail, normal, success and max. Fail means no attributes, normal gives a minimal bonus, success provides a better bonus while max yields the best gain. When fusing two fragments, one of them is lost in the process. The attribute gain scales with the quality of the lost fragment.

Unlike weapon or accessory upgrades, Soul Shield fusing does not level up the item. The sacrificed Soul Shield will add a single attribute to the Soul Shield being fused to, the amount can vary. Attributes gained from fusion appear in green next to the base attributes. The higher the rarity of the sacrificed Soul Shield, the better the attributes from fusing.
When fusing, there are four types of result: Failed, Normal, Successful and Maxed.
Failed fusing will result in no attributes being gained.
Normal fusing will result in a minimal attribute bonus.
Successful fusing will result in a decent attribute bonus
Maxed fusing will result in the maximum attributes bonus possible.
Main Soul Shield fragment (the one being fused to)
Secondary Soul Shield fragment (the one being sacrificed, consumed upon fusion)
Fusion powder(s) (can be obtained from salvaging Soul Shields)
The secondary Soul Shield’s level cannot be higher than main Soul Shield’s.

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How to Rank up in FIFA Mobile Divisions

Attack mode is a FIFA Mobile competitive feature that allows players to take part in season style matches. A season lasts for 15 days so players have two chances a month to become FIFA champions. Just like in real soccer, FIFA Mobile divides players into divisions. There are 13 divisions or tiers. The first four main divisions have three sub-divisions. Amateur, Pro, World Class, Legendary and FIFA champions are the available divisions. As players compete in matches they will rank up based on how many fans they obtain. Fans are acquired when playing games against other players. The goal is to obtain as many fans as possible and to climb to a higher division before the season ends.

Fans are obtained when scoring goals. Players should keep in mind that matches are played in a turn based style. The main rule is that players get fans according to how many goals they achieve during their turn. The number of fans depends on the division. Players in lower divisions get fans based on how many goals they score but in higher divisions, goals scored against them also count when determining the fans rewards. This FIFA Mobile system was implemented to encourage new players and to make it easier for them to rank in lower divisions. But this system also works for players in higher divisions. To get a better rank when playing in superior divisions, players don’t only need to score goals but also to be mindful of the goals the opponent scores. This is because the fans reward mechanism takes into consideration the goals difference not just the number of scored goals. Players also lose fans when their opponent scores a goal. Fans are used to determine the rank and the division so players should be careful as they can get demoted if they lose too many games. When the FIFA Mobile season is reset, not all players start at Amateur I rank. Based on their performance in the previous season, they get additional rewards and bonus fans that put them in a higher starting division. Hope this article is helpful for you, and i recommend u7buy for you to buy FIFA Mobile Coins cheap online.

Why is the FIFA 17 Journey so Good?

We have all tested or at least seen on YouTube how incredible FIFA Journey 17 is. We honestly do not think there is anyone who does not like this career mode improvement, since it includes everything necessary to keep us playing for hours, days and even months.

Have not tried the Journey mode yet? Come with us! We’ll show you why it’s so wonderful.


RPG Feeling


In pure Bioware style, it gives us the feeling of being upgraded to our Dragon Age character. That is, if you wish, Alex Hunter can have a humble, presumptuous or neutral character. How is this achieved? Through the decisions you are making during your journey.


Wonderful cinematic


Thanks to the Frostbite graphics engine (of which we talked about some articles before) EA offers beautiful cinematic scenes with super detailed scenarios and characters that almost look human; and we say almost, because we know that we are watching a video game.


Sensation of reality


If you remember the video presented at E3 of 2016, you will remember that Alex Hunter is sent to the game, which is missing 20 minutes to finish; and the goal was to win that match in 20 minutes. This was an extremely complicated but it was for real. We really felt in Alex’s shoes.

In addition, we play in the destined position, so that we can appreciate the match from our place and do our part. That is, to prevent Messi or CR7 score, and this, becomes a very exciting war.


Well, those are the reasons why the FIFA 17 Journey mode is a super complete experience that all gamers will enjoy (although they did not like the genre). If you want to fully enjoy this game, you could buy FIFA 17 Points Account PS4 online.

Eleven Different Ways to Play FIFA 17

FIFA 17 comes with 11 modes that give players various ways to enjoy the game. Offline practice, single player modes and many ways to compete against other players are available.

Skill games are a FIFA 17 practice mode. Players use these skill games to master basic football moves and to improve their shooting, passing, defending and so on. Practice Arena is another training mode that gives players the chance to master FIFA 17 controls, do some free practice or train with NPC footballers recreated after real life players. The Journey is a newly introduced single player mode. It’s the first time in FIFA 17 when players can experience the rise of a promising footballer. They will play as Alex Hunter.

Career mode allows players to experience FIFA 17 as a player or as a manager. Player mode requires users to train a footballer and take part in matches and advance with the national team in high rated leagues and cups. Manager mode puts players in control of a football team. Pro Clubs mode is a social competitive FIFA 17 feature. Players use their Career mode footballer to join a club and compete against other clubs in 11 versus 11 matches.

Tournament mode gives players the chance to take part in famous football tournaments like Bundesliga or Premier League. The complete tournaments selection numbers more than 60 competitions. Players can also create a custom tournament. Kick Off is an offline mode where users can compete against the computer or against their buddies in 4 versus 4 games.

Online Seasons is a ranked competitive mode. Players choose a club to represent, take part in matches and earn points that will help them climb the ladder and advance to a superior division. Matches are always between players from the same division. Co-op Seasons is similar to online seasons but this time players can team up and take part in 2 versus 2 matches. Players advance from division five to division one. Online friendlies mode offers a way to play against friends. FUT is by far the most popular mode. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team plays like a cards collecting game in which players open packs to receive players and items cards. This is a competitive mode that supports tournaments. If you want to play beautiful in this game, cheap FIFA 17 Coins will be needed. Besides, fifa fans could buy FIFA 17 Points Account online too which will be much cheaper.