An amazing lawn wheelbarrow is any gardener’s secret weapon. who makes the best wheelbarrow

The right wheelbarrow does extra than transport dust.

It lightens the load and receives the task accomplished faster without causing again ache.

Of route, now not each lawn wheelbarrow is the equal. There are particular capabilities that make a distinction to person gardeners.

here’s a brief manual to the 5 first-rate lawn wheelbarrows:

1. GORILLA CARTS HEAVY-responsibility garden POLY dump CART

Gorilla Carts Heavy-duty garden Poly sell off Cart

The Gorilla garden Poly sell off Cart tops the listing of best garden wheelbarrows.


It offers most of the capabilities found in person wheelbarrows in a single package.

The Gorilla cart consists of a poly tray, a metal frame and is rust-free. it also includes 4 tires for added stability and a dumping function for smooth unloading.

As a heavy-responsibility wheelbarrow, it may additionally haul up to at least one,2 hundred kilos. but gardeners don’t need to hold all of it themselves. The cart also consists of a take care of to be pulled by means of a person or an ATV or lawn tractor.


Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

The Ames single-wheel wheelbarrow gives a unique characteristic in its smooth-pour lip on the the front of the tray.

Designing a lip into the tray lets in for greater accuracy while pouring concrete or mulch immediately from the wheelbarrow.

essentially, it lets in gardeners to easily transport substances and is going the more mile through making the quit of the method just as simple.

while it’s a outstanding pouring tool, this version isn’t always designed for plenty of motion. that is commonly because it isn’t clean to maneuver compared to different barrows. also, the wood handles are hard on already tired palms.

three. JACKSON M6T22

Jackson M6T22

The Jackson M6T22 is a unmarried wheel barrow designed for use by using owners and contractors alike.

Designed for heavy-duty lifting, the 6 cubic-foot tray not handiest fabricated from steel however is supported by cross strips and an H-brace.

even though it is beneficial for those sporting slag and gravel and any materials that normally spoil weaker merchandise, the average gardener unearths the meeting of the wheelbarrow easy.


Worx Aerocart eight-in-1 Wheelbarrow

The Worx version is unlike another best wheelbarrow at the listing because of its versatility.

rework the cart to healthy some thing needs to be carried with out throwing off its middle of gravity.

The cart can carry as much as three hundred pounds as well as every other eighty kilos of materials stacked on extended mode or the extension arm.

it’s also fold-out extensions designed to help carry awkward gadgets that don’t fit in traditional wheelbarrows.


Marathon twin-Wheel Residential backyard Rover Wheelbarrow

The Marathon twin-Wheel is the simplest two-wheeled version in this listing.

The Marathon model weighs simplest 29lbs and has a five-cubic foot poly tray that gained’t rust.

It merits special mention due to the fact it is one of these rare equipment able to performing heavy responsibility paintings. but it isn’t too heavy for light paintings either.

purpose-designed loop handles additionally make this wheelbarrow a gardener’s first-rate friend. The loops combined with the 2 wheels make it easier to push the barrow over difficult terrain – even if it’s full.

conclusion: THE great 5 garden WHEELBARROWS

distinct wheelbarrows provide specific fee to gardeners.

all and sundry searching out a brand new or alternative wheelbarrow ought to endure in mind their very own abilties and wishes and begin their search from there.


Wheelbarrows make heaps of jobs simpler! shifting rocks, mixing soils and substances, constructing a sand pit, you name it.

They’re clean to grab and get going until one of the tires is flat.

today, we can be speakme approximately repairing a wheelbarrow tire.


if your flat tire will no longer hold air the tube might be the difficulty.

that is the cheapest fix to get you up and rolling once more. a new internal tube will run around $10.

make sure to check the rim and outer tire for any harm first. changing the tube will no longer assist with these problems.

replacing/repairing the tube can be completed in a few simple steps.

gear you will need

Soapy Water
repair kit
Air Pump
smooth THE TIRE

Spray down the tire to put off any caked on dirt and grime.

at the same time as you’re cleansing the tire investigate it for nails, tacks, and so forth.

if you discover any main damage to the sidewalls or splintering you may should exchange the whole tire to avoid blowing it out.

purchase THE right TUBE

Your tire has a variety of and it ought to fit the brand new tube. if you have a 480-eight tire then the tube need to be 480-8.

in case your tire doesn’t have a tube you could still repair the tire. This requires a couple of more steps:

take away the tubeless regulator stem from the threshold of the tire with a knife.
Lubricate the bead with cleaning soap
close any holes or leaks with a tubeless tire substance

Fill the tire with air and locate the hole or puncture by using pouring soapy water over the tire.

Bubbles must appear in which the hollow is.


You’ll find a needle device and plug in your repair kit.

You’re going to string a strip of the plug into the needle and coat the entire place to be plugged with cement.

Push the needle and an cease of the plug into the hole for your wheelbarrow tire.

make sure to leave approximately a 1/four inch of the plug above the surface of the tire and put off the needle by means of twisting barely. depart the plug in vicinity.


cut off the extra plug to make it approximately a 1/8 inch lengthy over the tread of the tire.

Fill the tire once more and take a look at for leaks using the soapy water.

If no bubbles then you definately’re good to go. if you still have leaks you’ll need to update the tire.

understanding when TO replace

If the tire is likewise damaged and also you can not repair it you want to replace the complete tire.

you may now not need to source the exact tire your wheelbarrow already has. you may use a accepted wheelbarrow tire to make the substitute.

while this is greater highly-priced that repairing the original tire with a new tube (about $40) it’ll nonetheless prevent about 1/2 of the value of a new wheelbarrow.

You’ll best want some extra tools to replace the tire:

standard Wheelbarrow Tire
casting off the old tire and placing on the new one is pretty self-explanatory. masses of tutorials are available online.

The most vital step will be measuring your hub to healthy up the new tire.

Don’t constantly run to the shop to shop for some thing new. In just a few steps you could restore your wheelbarrow to be as good as new.

If at some point of the repair you do observe some massive damage you could studies which new wheelbarrows to shop


Wheelbarrows make small and medium sized domestic projects possible for average people. without them, we’d haven’t any manner of moving massive amounts of cloth and particles inside and outside of the assignment site. every now and then, but, the common wheelbarrow isn’t sufficient.

this is where a heavy responsibility best commercial wheelbarrow comes in. these wheelbarrows offer greater area, balance, and coping with skills that make large responsibilities less complicated to address.

this text is supposed that will help you find the proper wheelbarrow by using looking over important homes that make the satisfactory wheelbarrows.

crucial residences

on the way to get the quality wheelbarrow, it’s crucial to recognize what makes the heavy obligation range higher for positive tasks. those wheelbarrows are designed with exceptional requirements in thoughts.

the primary essential difference is the carrying capability of the wheelbarrow. Heavy responsibility wheelbarrows are supposed to carry a greater amount of material. this can normally be represented by the maximum weight limit the wheelbarrow is designed for. The higher the higher.

Tires will have an effect on the overall stability and kinds of terrain the wheelbarrow can move over. Tires come in airless and air versions with air crammed tires being lighter. Airless tires are covered from residences.

the general construction of the wheelbarrow need to be considered earlier than any essential purchases. The wheelbarrow need to be manufactured from hard metal or plastics with secure fastenings retaining everything collectively.

finally, bear in mind the burden of the wheelbarrow. Any quantity of material you push or pull around can be introduced to the herbal weight of the wheelbarrow itself. try to discover some thing mild that won’t weigh you down too much.

THE first-class HEAVY duty WHEELBARROW

Given a majority of these extraordinary homes, the suitable wheelbarrow goes to depend on your needs and initiatives. as an example, some wheelbarrows will convey more cloth or triumph over a greater variety of terrain. The high-quality aspect you could do is consider your very own particular desires to determine what will paintings pleasant.

For the best all-around wheelbarrow, however, we advocate the Jackson 6 metal Wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow is a beast when it comes to hauling a number of cloth. The body is robust and lightweight so that it will allow you to deliver a massive amount of material every ride.

The wheelbarrow features lubricated tire joints which allow the tire to rotate without resistance. in case you ever damage the tire or other elements of the wheelbarrow, spare components are furnished in addition to to be had from the producer.

The Jackson 6 Wheelbarrow is an appropriate device for maximum heavy duty initiatives. usual, it’s simple, difficult, and could get the process accomplished.

shopping for THE right ONE

whether you go with our advice or try out some heavy duty wheelbarrows of your very own, get accessible and upload this tool for your arsenal today. a brand new one will make all of the difference when it comes time to haul numerous material. With heat weather at the horizon, your outside initiatives just may need a few extra heft from a brand new wheelbarrow.

if you need extra assist or wheelbarrow opinions, take a look at out the rest of the weblog.


when you improve
if you’re like maximum gardeners, probabilities are you have an old wheelbarrow (or two) sitting round gathering rust.

maybe you just offered a glittery new upgrade, or you’re seeking to clean out your gardening shed. either way, you is probably tempted to toss that old, cheap wheelbarrow to the scale back. best contractor wheelbarrow 

now not so speedy! just due to the fact your wheelbarrow is vintage doesn’t mean it is able to’t still be useful.

In fact, many gardeners have come up with very innovative approaches to repurpose their old wheelbarrows.

read on to learn extra.

clever approaches TO RECYCLE YOUR cheap WHEELBARROW

#1. decorative PLANTER

Who says planters must be restricted to pots?

Splash a fresh coat of paint onto your vintage wheelbarrow and plant a few colourful flowers internal. It’s sure to be one of the focal factors of your garden!

#2. SUCCULENT lawn

Why no longer upload a touch desert scape to your lawn and fill your reasonably-priced wheelbarrow with succulent plants?

you can get even more innovative by using adding a few cacti, petrified wood, or different southwestern decorations.


Why purchase an highly-priced firepit whilst you may make one at home?

Grill out, roast marshmallows, or clearly revel in the warmth on a cold night time. The first-rate part? top notch easy cleanup – just wheel and unload!

#4. cellular espresso table

No want to leave that vintage wheelbarrow rusting outdoors.

clean it up, screw on a few wooden planks, and use it interior as a transportable espresso table. communicate about a communique piece!

#five. WHEELBARROW-grew to become-CHAIR

in case your wheelbarrow is sturdy sufficient, you can really flip it manage-aspect down and installation a few comfortable cushions.

Alternately, you may eliminate the hardware and replace it with wood legs. both preference could make a terrific addition on your lawn!


Why haul out that hideous plastic cooler when you may repurpose a wheelbarrow?

Fill it with ice and liquids and you’re all set in your subsequent outside fish fry!

#7. AUTUMN show

Feeling festive?

flip that vintage wheelbarrow right into a beautiful birthday party of fall with the aid of filling it with pumpkins, hay, corn, and squash. Bonus points for planting a scarecrow beside it!

#eight. FAIRY garden

This task may also require a bit more effort than the others, but the outcomes are really worth it.

begin through painting a whimsical sample for your wheelbarrow. next, layout a miniature “lawn” of flora and rocks around a few dollhouse furniture or a repurposed fowl feeder.

The creative opportunities are countless!


this is a awesome manner to add a water characteristic on your lawn!

Take your vintage wheelbarrow and grasp it from a wall, cling it above your lawn, or perspective it into a small pond. Rig a few running water to it, and viola! Your very personal DIY water fountain.

#10. scary HALLOWEEN show

if you want to head all-out next Halloween, fill your old wheelbarrow with dust and components of a plastic skeleton.

It’s a extremely good excursion decoration assured to scare youngsters and adults alike!

about THAT improve

Now that you’ve were given some innovative ideas for reusing your antique, reasonably-priced wheelbarrow, it’s time to buy a brand new one!

make certain to check out our client’s guide for reviews in this year’s best wheelbarrows. We even have a handy evaluation guide to help you choose the version that’s proper for you!


Ah, the common-or-garden and trusty wheelbarrow. A exceptional device to depend upon for gardening. it can convey:

To and from your lawn simply. it’s far a ought to-have for gardens.

The component about the modest best wheelbarrow for concrete wheelbarrow is that it’s been around for hundreds of years. The historical Europeans and chinese were the use of them!

obviously, there are many sorts so as to choose from. This consists of plastic wheelbarrows. With such a lot of alternatives, which one need to you pick out?

This manual will give you a short review of a way to discover the satisfactory plastic wheelbarrow in your needs.

1. LOAD capacity AND area

This should be the first component you keep in mind while shopping for a wheelbarrow.

if you’re planning on large jobs, you’ll have a difficult time with a shallow bucket capability.

Likewise, in case you’re most effective doing smaller gardening initiatives, it is able to no longer be well worth your at the same time as to buy a heavy-obligation wheelbarrow.

Heavy-duty wagons will include large tires and thicker creation so one can handle the larger hundreds.

this could make a massive difference in charge.

absolutely reflect onconsideration on what types of initiatives you’re trying to tackle.


Tires are an important detail for your wagon. in any case, it’s what allows it to journey!

On a plastic wheelbarrow, you’ll typically discover plastic wheels. they might have treads or they may not.

whether or not plastic tires are what you want will depend upon your lawn. in case you’re going to move your wheelbarrow across grass sporting a small load, these simple tires need to be best.

if you’re going to be transferring your wheelbarrow over choppy terrain along with rocks with a heavy load, you’re going to need larger, rubber tires.

those tires will have reinforced rubber and may be filled with air. This layout will allow the tires to move over uneven, tough terrain much simpler due to the shock absorption they’ll offer.

three. YOUR capabilities

The capability, area, and tires imply nothing in case you’re now not able to circulate your wheelbarrow!

Compost, debris, materials, and tools can all upload up. hold this in mind.

Your assignment and how you intend on executing your venture will need to decide which kind of wheelbarrow you will be able to use.

If it’s a large mission, you’ll be tempted to shop for a larger wagon but preserve off if it’ll cause you more strain than you want.

that is in particular essential if you have mobility problems. you will be lifting objects better than the actual cart itself to load them in. And a few carts are meant for pushing whilst others are for pulling.

before shopping for, don’t forget cellular talents. simplest get what works for you and your assignment. larger is not usually better.


A plastic wheelbarrow is a actual marvel. They’re less complicated to use, flow, and store. They’re a top notch asset to any gardening challenge.

Are you ready to shop for your very personal and get started for your backyard? which can be you going to buy? what is your gardening task? allow us to realize in the remarks!

take a look at out our blog and read our evaluations to live updated on the wheelbarrow world.


Wheelbarrows are first rate for getting heavy stuff around the work website online. whether or not it’s light backyard work or a creation site, wheelbarrows enable one man or woman to do the work of many. in recent times, wheelbarrows have even developed to make the task even less complicated.

An electric wheelbarrow is a splendid instance of this evolution. This kind of wheelbarrow capabilities an electric powered motor with a view to propel it with out manually pushing. They can be exceptional for larger workloads or tough, steep terrain.

this text will train you about those best wheelbarrow for the money  and provide tips on buying one in case you find your self shopping!

predominant variations

firstly, it’s crucial to recognize how regular wheelbarrows and their electric powered cousins are similar and unique from each different. even as their basic cause stays the identical, there are more than one wonderful differences in how each is used which you should expect.

whilst a normal wheelbarrow regularly has one wheel, the electric kind will have two to 4 wheels. normally, one set of wheels could be driven through an electric motor whilst others will rotate freely.

these wheelbarrows may also have a few sort of manage device so that you can steer the wheelbarrow with out pushing it. This manipulate is a small joystick you can push and pull to manipulate the path of the wheelbarrow.

past the electrical motor and controls, in the main the whole thing else have to be the identical. most importantly, the sporting basket will come inside the identical set of widespread sizes as normal wheelbarrows. You need to find a length so as to work pleasant in your ordinary use.


An electric wheelbarrow gives many unique blessings over ordinary wheelbarrows, specially in case you need to keep away from the standard strain and attempt required to apply a ordinary one. Having an electric powered motor to carry the principle load will make a drastic distinction in how you experience on the give up of a difficult day’s paintings.

those wheelbarrows often let you bring large, heavier masses than ordinary wheelbarrows. this may in large part depend upon the dimensions and strength of the electric motor itself. A greater powerful motor will allow you to bring extra.

An electric powered motor may also be capable of cope with certain sorts of tough terrain better. the usage of or four wheels creates a strong platform you can use on slopes with out stressful about the wheelbarrow tipping over.

matters TO don’t forget

if you experience such as you need to buy your own electric wheelbarrow, it’s essential to reflect onconsideration on what kind you’ll want. this can in large part be stimulated by how you plan to use the wheelbarrow.

think about your budget and what kind of space you need in a wheelbarrow. if you are facing a big activity or rough terrain, you must additionally studies exceptional motor options so that you don’t purchase an underpowered wheelbarrow.

shopping for AN electric WHEELBARROW

there may be no time just like the present to discover the proper wheelbarrow for your self. do some studies, try some distinct alternatives, and make that buy.

for additional evaluations and data, take a look at out the relaxation of the website!


Storage space is valuable.

It’s extra room aside from your residing space, and it’s utterly useful.

but being able to utilize all of the area takes a special form of ingenuity.

So, you watched you’ve got all of it squared away. all your tools are prepared. You’ve got all of the sporting precise system binned up and organized. Your bikes are leaning in opposition to the wall. And you continue to have room on your automobile.

however then you definitely comprehend the best wheelbarrow remains sitting inside the lawn.

How the hiya are you going to fit that thing inside the garage?

nicely, here are a few wheelbarrow storage answers you may now not have idea of.

1. construct A WHEELBARROW residence FOR WHEELBARROW storage

Why are you trying to fit that Poly garden unload Cart for your garage?

if you have a canine, you may have a dog house. And much like your canine, your wheelbarrow shouldn’t sit down out in the factors.

when you have the room, you can easily build a protecting on your wheelbarrow. just comply with the commands for a dog house and boom the scale to suit your wheelbarrow.

2. USE LADDERS AS shelves

The ramps used to load 4 wheelers, dust bikes and bikes in the bed of a truck are essentially glorified ladders.

It just takes 4 hooks or pulleys, a few straps or ropes, and a ladder.

Use screw hooks and screw the hooks into the ceiling.

Now, tie straps to the hooks or run the ropes via the pulleys. (You’ll need a specific fastener in case you use pulleys.) And strap the wheelbarrow to the ladder.

Now you could pulley the ladder to the ceiling and tie it off.

increase, immediately wheelbarrow storage and ladder storage.


with regards to wheelbarrow storage, you need to be innovative when you have little space.

And every so often, your creativity can upload functionality.

if you’re reachable with wood and you have a cart wheelbarrow, you could upload a body and create a cell workbench extension.

this is a reachable way to utilize the wheelbarrow when you’re storing it.


if you’re not a lot of DIYer, there are continually easier approaches to build sheds for your returned or the front backyard.

one of the easiest methods to maintain your wheelbarrow out of the elements: the YardStash.

It’s basically a sturdy tent in your gardening equipment and you could store your wheelbarrow and any quantity of factors in there.

It calls for no tools to installation. You simply join all of the rods together and tent it up.

5. cling IT on the WALL

well, duh. you would possibly say.

however honestly, a number of human beings don’t reflect onconsideration on this selection for wheelbarrow garage.

And it’s simply the most effective alternative if you have the wall area.

you could discover a wheelbarrow bracket at any hardware store you go to. And if you’re a DIYer you can continually add hooks to the ends of your wooden wheelbarrow handles.

IT TAKES creativeness

You’re on your way to a totally prepared storage. Congratulations.

if you are in need of a new wheelbarrow, check out our wheelbarrow evaluations.

study our blog to stay up to date on wheelbarrow information.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Wheelbarrow

Why must You pick Your Wheelbarrow carefully?
with regards to choosing a wheelbarrow, the choice is sizeable. One key aspect to keep in mind here is to choose the wheelbarrow with the intention to suit the job you are going to do with it.


if you have a small lawn, you may probable need a best small wheelbarrow!

inside the equal way, if you buy a huge motorized version for light lawn work, this can be only a waste of cash.

therefore, in this Wheelbarrow buying guide we can take into account the important thing stuff you want to take note of while shopping for a wheelbarrow.

And i will pass over some of great models that might be a perfect in shape in your desires.

store Like A seasoned: What Makes a very good Wheelbarrow?
which will examine the best of a wheelbarrow, bear in mind the burden of the hundreds it will deliver, how regularly you will use it, and the materials and temperatures it is going to be exposed to.

some other crucial element to be aware of is the compatibility with your top and your health situations. specifically, whether or not the wheelbarrow is proper to your lower back.

if you’re a smaller individual or have a few accidents that restrict you from lifting heavy hundreds, a heavy wheelbarrow isn’t for you. as a substitute, choose a lighter best wheelbarrow that functions an excellent distribution of weight and as a way to make your back experience cozy.

beneath you’ll discover some of the things to pay attention to at the same time as selecting the excellent wheel barrow for your lawn/creation task:

Do you need a steel, plastic, or timber wheelbarrow? the selection of the material is dependent on the sort of paintings to be finished.

some of the producers still produce vintage style, timber wheelbarrows. but, they are truely outperformed via the steel and plastic fashions. but in case you are seeking out something sincerely durable and strong that can withstand heavy masses and excessive temperatures, move for steel wheelbarrow.

bear in mind, the metallic is at risk of rust even though, so that you will want to attend to it. also, metallic wheelbarrows should be saved in a garage or summer time residence to guard them from publicity to one-of-a-kind factors.

Plastic wheelbarrows are lots simpler to your again and are a brilliant alternative for mild gardening.

a few human beings choose collapsible wheelbarrows that characteristic a canvas sling it’s spread among two poles.

This sort of wheelbarrow is accessible for gardeners who have constrained garage space.

those folding wheelbarrows are not intended for transportation of heavy loads.

Hand painted wheelbarrow inside the backyard
on this phase I cover approximately most vital components that make up every best wheelbarrow .

The tray is largely protected via the preceding segment where I communicate about choosing the right fabric.

Handles: conventional Or Ergonomic?
Handles have the equal importance because the tray, as they may determine the maneuverability and flexibility of the wheelbarrow. So, which ones to do not forget?

traditional handles provide the most maneuverability. furthermore, they make it very clean for the worker to tilt and turn the wheelbarrow. The dumping also becomes an smooth system with a wheelbarrow with traditional handles. however, they require extra hand power.

Wheelbarrow models with closed handles or unmarried bar grips offer greater ergonomic houses. single bar grips are also higher for smaller human beings or humans with slender shoulders who can struggle to manipulate wheelbarrows with conventional, fixed handles.

if you intend to apply the wheelbarrow on a everyday foundation, it’s worth baring in mind that wood and metallic grips can cause the most quantity of blisters and pain. if you want to optimize the balance of performance and comfort, look for rubber grips in order to make it simpler to manipulate the wheelbarrow and will reason less soreness on your fingers.

Wheels: One Or Wheels?
Wheels determine the maneuverability and the sturdiness of your wheelbarrow. The range of wheels effects how flexible and plausible your device is. And the wheel fabric will decide the level of cushioning.

man transporting gardening device in a wheelbarrow
conventional wheelbarrows have one wheel it is positioned below the tray.

Such layout presents a exceptional degree of maneuverability and is also very on hand to move between lawn rows.

however this sort of wheelbarrow requires more upper frame strength to control.

in case you’re seeking out a two-wheeled model, this is also a high-quality desire. The dual wheel wheelbarrow provides extra stability, however it sacrifices a diploma of maneuverability. -wheeled fashions are ideal for the transportation of heavy and unbalanced hundreds.

Wheel Tires: Pneumatic Or Non-Pneumatic?
Pneumatic wheelbarrow tires feature internal tubes that may be inflated similar to the tires on a automobile. The air in the tube serves as a surprise absorber, so pneumatic wheels provide a smoother revel in.

but, they require greater protection, as you’ll want to maintain an eye fixed on the air strain and pump them up every now and then. And of course pneumatic wheels can also broaden punctures!

Non-pneumatic wheels are made from solid rubber so that they cannot pop or go flat. but, they’re tougher, so don’t anticipate a smooth experience.

some of the producers produce wheelbarrows with semi-pneumatic wheel tires. these type of tires aren’t susceptible to move flat and still have a few surprise-absorbing homes.

each wheelbarrow has a particular maximum weight load that it is able to resist. don’t forget this facts cautiously when choosing a wheelbarrow. if you want to transport cement, bricks, stones or another heavy loads, i’d endorse shopping for a version that has a better maximum weight load.

There are a few models of wheelbarrows which can be able to resist heavy weights and which might be additionally especially light. these are generally more luxurious! but, those wheelbarrows are very long lasting and could serve you well for a long term.

selecting The right Wheelbarrow
Now you understand the essential matters to bear in mind, it’s time to take a look at the real fashions of the wheelbarrows…

satisfactory All round Wheelbarrow
Rubbermaid business merchandise FG564200BLA Plastic yard Cart


The Rubbermaid Plastic backyard Cart is a 2 wheel cart supposed for heavy use in and around a yard. The strong housing and creation of the cart way it is resistant to rust, dents, and corrosion, without a doubt indicating long-time period sturdiness.

It has a molded 1 piece manage in conjunction with pneumatic tires that make it a especially tactile cart to successfully complete applicable chores.

The Rubbermaid Plastic yard Cart may be very properly balanced and can deal with critical weight with out feeling it, way to the leverage supplied with the aid of the rear handles. backpack leaf blower reviews here.

The form and size of the bath on the cart are perfect as properly.

The maximum potential of load that can be handled and hauled by way of the cart is 300 lb. The tire length permits you to effortlessly flow over the rougher floor as well.

Rubbermaid wheelbarrow on white history
The seamless pan design ensures that there’s no leaking or cracking and cleaning is a breeze thanks to this design. basic, the Rubbermaid Plastic backyard Cart is designed for heavy usage over a long term, way to its excellent construct excellent and reliability.

How to Properly Mix Concrete

Mixing bags of concrete isn’t complicated. You add some water, stir it up and pour it out. But to get the most strength from the concrete, you have to recognize when it has just the right amount of water mixed in. Too little water and the particles in the mix won’t stick together. Too much water weakens the concrete. In this article, we’ll show you what the perfect mix looks like. We’ll also show you a mixing technique that will ensure thoroughly mixed concrete with a minimum of effort.

For most small jobs around the home, bagged concrete mix is the most convenient and least expensive way to go. You can use it for fence post footings, deck footings and even small concrete pads. For jobs requiring more than about 30 bags, consider ordering “ready-mix” concrete from a truck instead.

Sixty- or 80-lb. bags of concrete mix are readily available at home centers, lumberyards and hardware stores. Don’t confuse concrete mix with sand mix or mortar mix. They don’t contain the aggregate (stones or gravel) that’s necessary to make a pour thicker than about 3/4 in. You’re likely to find more than one kind of concrete mix on the shelf, including “fast setting,” “high early strength” and “fiber reinforced.” But for most jobs, standard concrete mix is fine. Read the recommendations on the bags or check manufacturers’ Web sites to find out if one of the special mixes would work better for your project.

Whether you handmix concrete in a plastic tub, homemade mixing tub or wheelbarrow, the technique is the same. However, it’s easier to move and dump concrete that’s mixed in a wheelbarrow. For larger jobs, you could rent a mixer ($35 per day), but it may be more economical to simply order ready-mix concrete. In addition to a mixing container, you’ll need a sturdy hoe and a large bucket as well as a stiff-bristle scrub brush to clean the equipment. Wear waterproof gloves and safety glasses because the cement in the concrete mix is caustic and can burn skin. Wash it off with water if it gets on your skin.

Step 1: Add water to the dry mix


How to Properly Mix Concrete
Photo 1: Slice and dump the bag

Set the bag of concrete mix in one end of the wheelbarrow and slice it open with your hoe. Dump the mix from the bag and pull out the paper bag.

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is to add too much water and end up with concrete that’s thin and soupy. Here are a few tips to avoid the problem.

First, pour a measured amount of water into the mix from a bucket rather than squirting it in with a hose (Photo 2). Continue mixing for a few minutes after all the water is absorbed because the concrete will often get soupier as you mix. If you add more water right away, it may end up runnier than you’d like. Finally, keep at least a few cups of dry concrete mix handy just in case your mix gets too thin.

A hoe makes a great mixing tool. A flat shovel or spade works too. Whichever you choose, it’s best to add the water to one end of the wheelbarrow or mixing tray and pull the dry mix into it a little at a time (Photo 3). This method ensures that all the dry particles are completely wetted.

Mixing Technique

Use a sturdy wheelbarrow to mix your concrete. And make sure it’s on a level surface. Brace the wheelbarrow with your knee when you’re mixing from the side.

Mixing concrete
Mix thoroughly
Step 2: Work it to the perfect consistency


How to Properly Mix Concrete
Photo 4: Too dry

Drag the hoe through the mix to make a trough. The mix is too dry if the sides of the trough are crumbly and the concrete falls in chunks when you disturb it. Add water one cup at a time, mixing between each addition.

If the mixed concrete looks like the mix in Photo 6, it’s ready to pour. Otherwise, mix in additional dry mix or water until you get the right consistency.

It’s tempting to just squirt water into the dry concrete mix with a hose and mix up a soupy batch of concrete. After all, it’s quicker and the runny concrete is easier to pour. The trouble is, soupy concrete is only about half as strong as a proper mix and is more likely to crack. That’s why we recommend spending a little extra time measuring the water into a bucket first, and adding only as much as is needed. Even though the thicker mix is a little harder to place, it’ll be worth the extra effort. best wheelbarrow latest reviews and buying guide 2017

Step 3: Clean up promptly

How to Properly Mix Concrete
Photo 7: Wash your tools

Scrub the wheelbarrow and tools with a stiff-bristle brush before the concrete starts to harden. Rinse well.

Remember to clean your equipment right away (Photo 7). Once the concrete hardens, it’s a bear to get off. Scrape excess concrete from the wheelbarrow and pile it on a piece of plastic. If it’s a big pile, break it up into manageable chunks before it fully hardens. Dump the rinse water in an inconspicuous corner of your lot (it can kill grass). You can even dig a depression to contain the water and then cover the residue after the hole drains.

What’s the Best Type of Bagged Concrete to use for a Walkway?

“If you want to get your walkway back into service fast,” says concrete expert Frank Owens, “your best choice is ‘high early strength’ concrete.” This type of concrete has a higher percentage of cement in the blend so it sets up faster than standard concrete mix. You can walk on it within 10 to 12 hours, compared with several days.

It also generates more heat than standard bagged concrete mix, which means you can tackle your walkway project earlier or later in the season, in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F, with less chance of setting and hardening problems.

However, if your walkway has many steps or landings with exposed edges, Owens recommends fiber reinforced crack-resistant concrete mix. It contains thousands of little plastic fibers to make it more resistant to shrinkage cracks, edge chipping, impact damage and scaling during freeze/thaw cycles. Crack-resistant concrete takes three days to set up, so your walkway will be out of commission that long, but it can make concrete steps more durable under harsh conditions.

“The right concrete for a project is a matter of tradeoffs,” Owens says. “Consider setup speed, surface durability and the amount of weight the surface will bear.” No matter which product you choose, Owens recommends using as little water as possible. “The lower the water-to-cement ratio, the stronger the concrete and the better the shrinkage resistance.”

Editors’ Note: Visit for an excellent comparison of bagged concrete choices and to check out its video library of tips and techniques for working with concrete.

Meet the Expert
Frank Owens has more than 28 years of experience in the concrete industry and has been with The Quikrete Companies for the past 25 years.

Two types of bagged concrete


It’s that time of year again when adding to your summer chore list starts to become a daily occurrence. After all, you have to get in all your yard and best wheelbarrow for your garden maintenance while the weather lasts. Personally I like sitting back on the deck with a cold drink after completing some task I dreamt about all winter and appreciating the accomplishment.

This is also the time of year when you begin to take assessment of what tools you need, but either don’t have, or can’t find. Like my shovel I loaned to somebody and never got back.

It happens to us all, especially if you have some major projects in mind and need some specific products to help you out. If you are planning on putting in anything that requires concrete, such as stepping stones,walkways, posts, or even DIY planters- then you need something to mix your concrete in. And trust me, the recommended 5 gallon bucket just doesn’t cut it. I’d show you pictures but I’m too embarrassed of the mess I made.

This is where your wheelbarrow can come into play. It’s made for much more than just hauling around materials, and is the perfect solution to mixing and accessing wet concrete for any project you have in mind. So which is the best wheelbarrow for concrete jobs? Follow along below to find out our top recommendations.



Wheelbarrow Tray Size Tray Construction Handle Material Tire Warranty Our Rating

True Temper Never Flat Tire Steel
6 cubic feet Steel Steel Single Never-fla 90 Days 4.5

Jackson M6T22 Steel
6 cubic feet Steel Wood Single Tubed 90 day workmanship 4.1

Ames CP6PS Poly
6 cubic feet Poly Wood Single pneumatic (aired) 90 days 4.0

Ames True Temper 8 Cubic Foot
8 cubic tray Poly Wood Dual pneumatic 90 day 4.1

Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet
7 cubic feet Poly Steel Dual pneumatic 1 year 4.1


If you haunt your local garden and building center like I do, then you’ve definitely seen the products ‘oh so subtly’ placed near the concrete to help you out with your concrete mixing tasks. This includes the standard 5 gallon buckets that you can buy by the (excuse the pun) bucketload and toss out when you are done with them. What you don’t realize when you are loading them up is how difficult it is to get a shovel into their narrow openings to mix the darn stuff, and how you have to mix each bag separately due to the small capacity. It makes a mess.

If you have a wheelbarrow of any size sitting at home, then you already have the best mixing tray right there waiting for you. If not, then this is the perfect excuse to invest in a good wheelbarrow that you’ll get a lot more use out of over time.

Not only does a wheelbarrow have a nice accessible tray for mixing, you can also access the wet concrete multiple ways to get it where you need it. Plus it is portable and tips up. And if you were worried about washing it out, as long as you hose it down before it sets you’ll be fine (just be sure to pour the water in an inconspicuous place as it will kill the grass). If you are still worried about damaging the tray forevermore with dried concrete, then simply place a liner in the tray before mixing it all up to dispose of later.


Not all wheelbarrows are made equally, and for this task we are reviewing those that can handle the density of wet concrete and heavy duty work they may be subjected to.


The great thing about wheelbarrow handles is they can often be changed out if you really, really don’t like them. Handles will be made from either wood, metal, or fiberglass and may or may not have additional grips for your comfort.

What you need to keep in mind for this use is the overall durability of the handles in question. Honestly any of the mentioned materials are more than up to the task to help balance and move a heavy load (even though you probably won’t be moving around too much once you begin mixing). The difference is how well these handles will hold up in the long run. If your wheelbarrow is exposed to changes in weather often, then wood and fiberglass will begin to dry out and eventually probably need replacing.


Most people go big or go home, but for mixing concrete you really only need the tray to hold the amount of material you will be using. Most wheelbarrow trays come as either a 4, 6, or 8 cubic foot capacity. The more space you have the more you can put in it, but more isn’t always better- especially when you have a heavy load on.

Another thing to consider is your tray depth. For mixing you definitely want something deep enough to keep everything where it belongs and not slopping out the sides. A sloped front can also be helpful to pour, and when cleaning out.


Your handles aren’t the only material options you have to choose from. Trays are generally of a durable poly material or steel construction with a powder coat finish. Obviously over time the steel trays are going to last longer and are not subject to as much weathering through the seasons. Plastic can fill with water, freeze and crack, and become brittle over time- especially when stored out of doors.

For the purpose of mixing concrete however, neither is considered better than the other according to reviews. Both seem to be able to handle the weights just fine, and it seems poly trays actually wash out more easily. What it comes down to is that your tray material really is a personal preference.


Tires are a pretty big deal concerning heavy loads, either when moving or at rest. Your tires are either going to be air filled, and subject to flats and replacement, or of the never flat variety- which, contrary to belief, can wear out and need replacing as well.

Most companies offer both options, if you are willing to pay extra. The never flats truly do seem to stand up to much more wear and tear over time, and also provide you with a bit more warning to when it might be time to replace them since the wear upon the tires is easily seen, unlike the nail sticking out of your air filled version.


Before committing to a purchase, make sure you consider a few aspects of your wheelbarrow investment since you’ll most likely be using it for multiple projects throughout it’s life.

What specific jobs do you need your wheelbarrow for?
How much concrete do you need to mix at a time?
Where do you plan on storing your wheelbarrow?




  • Tray Size: 6 cubic feet
  • Tray Construction: Steel
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Tire: Single Tubed
  • Warranty: 90 day workmanship

This is a contractor’s wheelbarrow created to take on heavy loads and provide ease of movement. Durable wooden handles come complete with front braces to help support the attached 6 cubic foot steel tray. Furthermore, the legs are also part of an H-brace design with additional leg shoes to provide stability when loading and at rest.

Although the tire is a tubed version that you may need to air up through the years, it seems to be durable enough to hold up to heavy loads and the associated use that weight puts upon it. The deep sides are a favorite amongst customers as it helps keep everything in place and holds large loads with ease. The low center of gravity is also mentioned multiple times as the reason it is easy to maneuver even when loaded up.

Most complaints surround the poor shipping method that has resulted in scratched trays and missing parts. It also may be a bit too heavy for anyone of short stature, at least when weighted down, to move with ease.


  • Heavy duty tire you never have to air up
  • Easy assembly
  • Well balanced while moving


  • Tray may rust if not stored correctly
  • May be difficult to lift with full load
  • Top heavy loads may tip
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  • Tray Size: 6 cubic feet
  • Tray Construction: Steel
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Tire: Single Never-flat
  • Warranty: 90 Days

This heavy duty, durable, all weather wheelbarrow may very well be the last you ever buy. The all steel construction boasts front steel braces to a steel tray and steel handles. The legs also have an H-brace to better stabilize a heavy load.

The tire is also a never-flat, meaning you’ll never have to air it up or worry about catching an elusive nail. Although they can wear through over time, you should be able to notice long in advance, and you won’t need to be spending any extra time or money to get your wheelbarrow moving again to complete a last minute task. The company also offers a dual-wheel kit in case you need the extra stability to make it into a two-wheeled wheelbarrow.

A few complaints surround that it can become top heavy depending on the material load and become somewhat unstable and tip. Heavy loads also can be a bit off balance when turning, which may be why the dual-tire kit is a pretty budget friendly option.


  • Heavy duty tire you never have to air up
  • Easy assembly
  • Well balanced while moving


  • Tray may rust if not stored correctly
  • May be difficult to lift with full load
  • Top heavy loads may tip
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  • Tray Size: 6 cubic feet
  • Tray Construction: Poly
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Tire: Single pneumatic (aired)
  • Warranty: 90 days

Made for tray accessibility, this durable 6 cubic foot wheelbarrow has a fluted front to make pouring from the tray easy. A steel body has braces for the tray, as well as an H brace to provide additional support for heavy loads and stability.

The tire is a pneumatic aired tired, and provides stability over rough terrain due to it’s ability to absorb what you need to get over. Thick rubber walls help prevent puncture and a resulting flat, although over time it may wear through. Upon which time it is replaceable.

Created specifically for accurate and efficient pouring, this is a deep tray that allows you to mix and pour with ease. Complaints pertain to the durability of the overall design which seems to somehow leave out the handles, which could use a little beefing up. Plus, the lower wheel bracket, created to help aide in pouring heavy loads, makes it a bit difficult for shorter people to get the lift they need.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fluted tray
  • Lightweight but sturdy


  • Handles could be more heavy duty
  • Wheel bracket a little low
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  • Tray Size: 8 cubic tray
  • Tray Construction: Poly
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Tire: Dual pneumatic
  • Warranty: 90 day

This 8 cubic foot poly tray can handle just about anything you can through on it. Heavy duty steel and wood construction are supported by additional tray braces, an H brace design, and a dual tire system to help provide stability when loading and moving. Specifically created for heavy load use, including concrete and rock when on the job, reviews claim it can handle almost everything you can throw at it, although it may be difficult to move when fully loaded.

The pneumatic tire system is designed wide on purpose to provide stability and ease of moving when loaded. Although they do absorb terrain changes well, they may wear more quickly with consistent heavy loads and rough surfaces. They are interchangeable with the company’s never flat tires as well.

The biggest complaints seem to surround not being able to fully take advantage of such a large tray as the weight may seem to be a bit much for it. The poly tray has also known to become brittle in cold weather, and may not be able to handle heavy loads through the winter months.


  • Easy assembly
  • Wide wheelbase for stability
  • Cleans easily


  • Poly tray may not hold up well in cold weather
  • May not be able to fill completely for heavy loads
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  • Tray Size: 7 cubic feet
  • Tray Construction: Poly
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Tire: Dual pneumatic
  • Warranty: 1 year

This wheelbarrow design uses a more cart like construction to provide stability and maneuverability with heavy loads. A high impact poly tray is supported by steel tubular support and handles, as well as a wide based dual tire design. Backed by a 1 year warranty, this cart is praised by consumers for it’s ease of use, and low center of gravity that makes it easy to load up and get to where you are going.

Although the tires are pneumatic, they are replaceable with a never-flat tire if you can find a compatible design. This is worth noting because the tires seem to be the biggest complaint of the entire design. Overall it is very durable, but the tires occasionally can’t hold up to the work it is subjected to.


  • Very well balanced
  • Easy to maneuver when loaded
  • Tray is heavy duty poly


  • Difficult assembly
  • Tires may wear quickly
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By this point you should be making a list of all the tasks you can complete with ease now that you know just how much more versatile a wheelbarrow truly is. Concrete mixing and pouring has never been easier, and getting it where you need it isn’t as much of a chore either. Just be sure to purchase a durable, long lasting model in order to get the best bang for your buck.

Out of all the wheelbarrows I’ve reviewed, the True Temper Never Flat Tire Steel Wheelbarrow stands out to me above all the rest. Even though it has some pretty stiff competition, I really like the all steel design for heavy duty work, and the never flat tire is by far my favorite feature since I’ve had to deal with changing out air filled tires on wheelbarrows more than once. And don’t relish the experience. I also very rarely store my wheelbarrow indoors, and tip them up against the garage instead. With this design I don’t have to worry about brittle or dried out materials over time and can use it for other things around here, like mucking out horse pens.

Do you have a favorite, or want to know more about a particular design? Please comment below and we’ll get back to you. And as always, please share!