Warmane’s Outland TBC 2.4.3 x5 Server to be Launched on 20th May

Warmane’s long anticipated TBC – The Burning Crusade server is to be launched on 20th May, after it was confirmed by the administrators on the official Warmane forum. The name of the new TBC server will be called Outland, after the main gameplay continent of WoW’s first 10 year old expansion.

Outland Warmane TBC Gold

Gold for Outland will be available from V7 TBC Gold. Updates regarding the realm’s pricing and progress will be available on our Outland TBC blog.

Private TBC WoW Server – The Wargate Project

Wargate and Hellfire TBC GoldAfter it’s last failure and closedown, Hellground is seeing a rise again, this time under a different name all together. It is now known as the Wargate Project and it does function flawlessly. It has over 2000 active players, reaching the server’s allowed peak limits which might be enlarged soon. There is a serious need for alliance and horde gold on Wargate, and we have identified a website that sells ample supplies of it – Wargate Gold Website. You should not confuse this Burning Crusade private server with Hellfire – it has similar name only but it remains unmatched in quality.

Hellground WoW – a Private 2.4.3 Server Launched

Hello, on 5th of March 2015, Hellground WoW – a private TBC (The Burning Crusade) server was finally launched. It boasts well over more 5000 players which start as a level 1, even though with increased x2 XP rates. This is the second time this server is released. This one, is aimed at the international community. There are already thousands of players swamping through the starting areas for all races: Elwyn Forest, Durotar, Terdrasil, Tirisfal Glades, Mulgore and so on.

Gold will be a real trouble at the start and we have identified a website that sells Hellground WoW gold. Just don’t be surprised of the site prices at the moment, the server is but a few days old. Visit Gold4Hellground for more. Interested players can strike a deal and sell gold to the site as well.

The Best Places for Elysium Project Gold & Powerleveling

Elysium is hot right now! No, not the movie, but something very different – it is a private World of Warcraft server running the original vanilla legacy version of the game. As they project developers boast on their Facebook page, the server has now over 20,000 active players at all time, creating huge queues for all of their realms: Anathema, Darrowshire, Elysium and Zeth’Kur.

While Anathema and Darrowshire are continuation of the previous Nostalrius PvP and Nostalrius PvE, Elysium and Zeth’Kur are their latest brand new additions. The first one has extremely high population and is literary crowded in every zone, while the second, Zeth’Kur , has a low to medium population, appealing to more of a casual gamer types.

Gold for the Project – The Real Issue

Ever since Nostalrius gold became widely known as the most expensive game currency in the whole world, we have seen the rise and fall of many so called ‘reputable’ gold websites. Sometimes it is really hard to distinguish between a legitimate and a scam website. Additionally, there was a drama regarding Elysium gold – a well known developer partnered with most of the Chinese selling sites creating a massive inflation by selling very cheap gold for the Elysium Project. This caused the main developers to remove him from the team, and ban over 500 accounts in question, with more than 93000 total gold amassed by their action.

In the long run, we will see many sites come and go, but all of them really imitate the first one that was started, called . Even though their prices might seem little bit pricey than their Chinese and Russian competitors, they were the first ones to start providing services even from the time of Nostalrius Begins, and known all of the trade tricks inside-out. Their farming and powerleveling team is in-house and they rarely collaborate with unknown parties. You can visit their many web pages here:

All of their interconnected sites are part of a larger network called Vision7. If you want everything in pieces, check this board on Pinterest.

And as they say, less time farming, more time enjoying the game 🙂