Lufft introduces new visibility sensor VS2k and launches MARWIS 2.0

Fellbach, Baden-Wurttemberg (allusatoday) April 26, 2016 – Two innovations are to supplement the product portfolio of G. Lufft, the sensor manufacturer based at Fellbach. The new VS2k-UMB visibility sensor will replace the VS20-UMB optical sensor from the middle of May. The Lufft-UMB VS2k is the first product of an entire series in this segment. The award-winning technology among the Lufft sensors, the MARWIS mobile road sensor, is getting a useful update. The second generation of the sensor replaces its predecessor from now on.

Best tuned to its environment: the new VS2k-UMB visibility sensor

Lufft’s visibility sensor VS2k-UMB is another optical sensor now marketed. In the traffic sector, it serves as equipment for road weather stations and traffic control systems. The sensor measures accurate visibility values in a range of up to 2,000 meters. The VS2k-UMB model replaces the VS20-UMB, which has been used around the world for 10 years. Thanks to intensive development work, the VS2k-UMB visibility sensor features enhanced product characteristics such as a highly optimized housing alloy that is seawater resistant and therefore suitable for offshore use. During numerous saltwater tests, the sensor showed stable longevity even under the most extreme conditions.

The new housing design reduces maintenance frequency significantly, not least by active spider defense. A motor that vibrates within the housing at irregular intervals prevents the arachnids from nestling, which would be a source of interference. In addition, the VS2k visibility sensor has been equipped with further sensors that detect contamination on the optics. Also, the calibration concept has been largely improved. An optionally available calibration disk can be easily attached with magnets and an anchoring to the sensor with little effort.

The new VS2k-UMB visibility sensor is the first product of an entire series that is currently being launched by the sensor company. Another device version with a maximum range of 25 kilometers will be available by mid-year.

MARWIS 2.0 measures air temperature and relative humidity

The mobile road sensor MARWIS, which was among those that were awarded the Industry Prize 2015, measures additional environmental data. The new MARWIS 2.0 version has been equipped with an external temperature sensor which detects the air temperature. With the aid of the other measured variables, this allows the relative humidity to be determined. Until now, the road sensor could measure variables such as the road surface temperature, water film thickness, dew point or road conditions.

Directly attached to the vehicle, the smart sensor transmits the data 100 times per second via Bluetooth in real time to a tablet, smart phone, or an alternative output device in the cab. By using a data cloud, MARWIS can forward the app measurements to the control center, where operations managers can track the test runs using the View Mondo management software.

This version update was launched after requests by many customers. In addition to the road conditions, weather-related data such as the temperature and relative humidity also play a role in evaluating critical conditions such as ice, snow, and hydroplaning. The addition of these two fair values to the road sensor was thus a logical and above all, a practically oriented extension. MARWIS 2.0 will now replace the current model. For more details visit

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Summer is finally here a guide from The Hats Guide

Summer is finally here and it has brought along the blazing sun and killing heat. You need to protect yourself and your family safe from the summer sun and also keep it cool too. So how do you do that? How do you keep your heads cool during summers and also not kill your fashion statement?

One such accessory that will keep you really cool is hats. There are a lot of hats you can choose from which will not only keep your head cooler but also make you look stylish. Summer hats offer you the best protection from the sun and they are often made from material that block the harmful rays of the summer sun which can cause heat stroke etc.

Here is a guide featuring all type of hats ranging from the basic sunscreen hats to the more functional bucket hats which will make you ward off the harsh summer sun in style.

  1. Sunscreen Hats

These hats are great for men, women, children and babies too. Made from light cotton fabric that’s great for keeping the harsh sun rays off your face, the sunscreen hats have wider brims that shade the face and neck entirely. For men who work in the outdoors or women who need to be out and about in the blazing summer sun, sunscreen hats are a great choice to keep themselves cool and stylish during the hot season.

  1. Bucket Hats

What are bucket hats? What are bucket hats used for and why are they good for you?

Bucket hats should be your top summer choice of hats as its great for babies, children, men and women too. Just plop it on for a causal style and go run your errand without a problem; you have your protection from the sun and you look cool too. The brim of the bucket hats is round and covers your head entirely which is why it is an ideal protection from the sun. Also with bucket hats you can carry off a casual style well and look chic no matter what you’re wearing. If you’re getting yourself bucket hats especially for the hot summer season make sure you have a water proof one because summer rains are usually unpredictable. A bucket hat made from cotton can be certainly a good choice.

  1. Ball Caps

Once again ball caps are your must have for this summer as well. Ball caps are easy to put on and they really give you a cool causal look. They work great for men and women both but usually when the woman is in for a sporty look. Females with long hair might have a problem styling their hair with ball caps on.  Ball caps are a good choice because they absorb sweat and the flap on the forehead shades your face from the harsh sunlight.

  1. Flap Style Hats

If you play or work outdoors, flap style hat is one of the best options available for you. The back flap is covers the neck and shoulder at times, shading them from the sun rays and keeping them cool too. The front has a wide brim which shades the face. This style of hat is popular amongst hikers, photographers, birdwatchers or just about anybody who spends his time outdoors in the scorching heat.

For more information about hats guide please visit Bucket Hats


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