Paddle Diva & Gurney’s Collaborates to Offer Fun Programs for Hotel Guests

Sag Harbor, New York (allusatoday) May 25, 2016 – Renowned Stand Up Paddle Boarding Trainers, Paddle Diva Watersport join hands with Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa to provide Stand Up Paddling, surfing, boogie boarding and more for guests. Those spending their summer vacation at Gurney’s are sure to leave lasting memories with exhilarating programs offered under the partnership.

Travellers and guests enjoying their stay at Gurney’s can take advantage of Paddle Diva’s Stand up Paddle Programming wherein beginner paddling lessons are offered for all. SUP group & private SUP adventure tours and Ocean SUP programs are also available. SUP Yoga and fitness programs are provided on weekends for fitness enthusiasts.

Since 2009, Paddle Diva Watersports has been delighting clients by letting them safely explore the water of the East End of Long Island. Their certified instructors have been delivering individual & group training in paddling and watersports. For several years, Paddle Diva Watersports satisfies clients through their programs that are not just enjoyable by fitness-friendly too.

A spokesperson detailed about their Stand Up Paddle Programming course. “You learn the basics on land and out a water tour, working on stroke, stance balance and speed. You will be up and paddling on flat water within an hour. You can be confident as our programs are provided by ASI certified instructors. Rates span from $90 per person to $175 for a private one-on-one lesson.”

He added that their weekend SUP yoga are provided at $75 per class, SUP group tours at $90 per person and Ocean SUP programs at $100 per person.

The firm also provides an array of courses under the Paddle Diva Watersports Programming that includes surfing lessons for fresher and intermediate surfers, boogie boarding courses for individuals and groups as well as ocean awareness programs.

The spokesperson explained about their ocean awareness program by stating, “This course is general introduction on how to stay safe whilst swimming at surf locations. It covers surf awareness and self-rescue skills, as well as planning activities and identifying a range of surf environment dangers.”

Paddle Diva also affirmed that rentals for boards and wetsuits are offered to non-guests and visitors as well, with rates starting from $25.

About Paddle Diva:

Paddle Diva offers useful Stand up paddling lessons for clients aiming to transform their physical and mental well-being. They offer individual and group lessons at fair prices. For details, visit

Contact Name: Gina Bradley


219 Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road
Sag Harbor, NY
USA -11937
Phone: 516-383-2296
Email :


Benefits Consulting Firm Updates Organizational Website for Consumers

Fairfax, Virginia (allusatoday) May 25, 2016 – The Business Benefits Group (BBG), a full-service benefits consulting firm, has recently updated its organizational website at for new and existing clientele. The updated website has enhanced aesthetics and improved functionality in order to make it easier for consumers to access important benefits related information and to contact a reliable benefits consultant.

BBG’s leadership decided to focus on revamping its organizational website in order to make it easier for businesses and employees to access BBG’s full service offerings. The enhanced functionality on the website also creates more opportunities for online consumers to engage BBG’s experienced professionals who can provide guidance on an array of tough questions.

Business owners and companies have a lot of things to worry about. At the top of that list is making sure that their employees feel secure about their long-term future with the company. One of The Business Benefits Group’s (BBG) more popular services includes employee benefits consulting. From conceptualization to implementation, the certified benefits consultants at BBG help employers to acquire the ideal benefits package that suits their organization’s needs. BBG’s benefits consulting services include:

– Plan Comparisons
– Benefits Administration Technology
– Benchmarking Analysis
– Custom Open-Enrollment Communication
– Build Your Benefits Package
– Important Pre-Renewal Planning
– Flexible Spending Accounts
– Cobra Administration
– Medicare
– Consumer Purchasing Guidelines

Business owners and employers who are interested in learning more about BBG’s benefits consulting or other quality services can call BBG directly at 1-844-437-7288 or can request more information at BBG’s website The Business Benefits Group is headquartered at 4069 Chain Bridge Rd, Top Floor, Fairfax, VA 22030.

About The Business Benefits Group

The Business Benefits Group provides comprehensive business benefits consulting and other valuable services to organizations of all sizes. The organization’s primary service areas include: benefits consulting, business insurance, executive planning, HR & compliance, retirement plans, international coverage, benefits technology, and wellness solutions.

Contact Name : Alex Caruso

Address : 4069 Chain Bridge Rd, Top Floor
Fairfax, Virginia
United States – 22030
Phone Number : 844-437-7288
Email :


Decatur, IL Hospice Updates Website With New Resources for Residents

Decatur, Illinois (allusatoday) May 23, 2016 – In an effort to better inform patients and family members in Decatur, IL, Harbor Light Hospice has expanded its website at with a new online information that more thoroughly outlines its Decatur hospice care services. Harbor Light Hospice is a well known Illinois hospice and palliative care provider but the organization also provides compassionate end-of-life care and other quality services to patients and families nationwide.

Many hospice organizations have descriptions of hospice care on their websites that are overly broad and less specific to their local community. This type of more general information is not as useful to patients and families as they research informative resources for hospice services in their local community. The decision to offer more information about Harbor Light Hospice’s local hospice care services in Decatur, IL was made due to a lack of information that specifically addresses hospice care in the Decatur, IL area. By developing the informational resources on Harbor Light Hospice’s hospice and palliative care services in Decatur, IL, family members and patients can now assess what specific end-of-life care services they can reasonably access and make more informed decisions.

Harbor Light Hospice in Decatur, IL fully believes in providing holistic care by attending to the various physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of the patient in the setting that is most appropriate for them. Harbor Light Hospice’s Decatur, IL hospice care services include:

– Access to medical equipment and medications
– Pain control and symptom management
– Caregiver support and training
– Counseling and support groups for the patient and family
– Medical director supervision
– Dietitian support
– On-site nursing provided by Registered Nurse (RN)
– Assistance with “activities of daily living” (ADLs)
– Physical, occupational and speech therapy
– Medical director supervision
– Short-term respite care
– Spiritual consultation

Harbor Light Hospice continues to supports members of the Decatur, IL community by helping members of the patient’s family with the grieving process for up to 13 months following the loss of their loved one.

Patients and families who are investigating the benefits of hospice care and palliative care can communicate with any Harbor Light Hospice location via its website, Residents who are interested in hospice in Galesburg, IL can locate the organization’s local office at 332 W Marion Street Suite N1, Forsyth, IL 62535 or by calling 217-615-2960.

About Harbor Light Hospice

Harbor Light Hospice seeks to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families who are facing limiting illness. We focus on life and the quality of living, while accepting the reality of death as a part of life. We provide comfort, company and active treatment of distressing symptoms, with the patient and their family as the focus of care. Services are provided by a team of professionals and volunteers who are physician directed and nurse coordinated. Comfort and coping resources are provided to the family for up to 13 months following the death of their loved one.

Contact Name : Richard Hartig

Address : 800 Roosevelt Ro. Building C Suite 206
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
United States – 60137
Phone Number : (703) 810-7553
Email :


Glen Ellyn, IL Hospice Updates Website With Information on Local Services

Glen Ellyn, Illinois (allusatoday) May 14, 2016 – In order to provide better information on hospice and palliative care, Harbor Light Hospice has updated its website, with new resources on hospice in Glen Ellyn, IL. Harbor Light Hospice is a well known Illinois hospice care provider that also serves patients in eight other states across the United States. The organization decided to provide more specific information on its hospice care services in Glen Ellyn, IL after noticing a general lack of reliable online information for patients and families residing in the communities of Glen Ellyn, IL.

The average person doesn’t understand the nature of hospice care very well for various reasons.

Many hospice provider websites in areas such as Glen Ellyn, IL only provide a general overview of hospice care rather than information about hospice care services that are available in Glen Ellyn, IL. However, overly broad information on hospice care isn’t as useful as detailed informational resources for individuals and families researching what care is accessible in their local area. Presenting clear and useful informative resources on the specific hospice services Harbor Light Hospice offers to patients in Glen Ellyn, IL was primary reason for improving upon the website’s previous information. By outlining more helpful and reliable information on Harbor Light Hospice’s local hospice care services in Ellyn, IL, patients and family members can make well-informed decisions on the type of care that they can realistically access.

Harbor Light Hospice in Glen Ellyn, IL strongly believes in holistically attending to a patient’s care requirements by focusing on attending to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of of the patient, regardless of the setting they are in.

Harbor Light Hospice’s new resource on hospice in Glen Ellyn, IL outlines the organization’s full hospice care service offerings which include:

– Assistance with “activities of daily living” (ADLs)
– Caregiver support and training
– Counseling and support groups for the patient and family
– Dietitian counseling
– Medical equipment and supplies
– Medication for pain control and symptom management
– On-site nursing
– Pain management and symptom management
– Physical, occupational and speech therapy
– Physician care
– Short-term respite care
– Spiritual consultation

Patients and families who are interested in learning more about the benefits of hospice care and palliative care can get in touch with Harbor Light Hospice via its website, Residents who are interested in hospice in Glen Ellyn, IL can locate the organization’s local office 800 Roosevelt Rd #206, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 or call 630-300-3716.

About Harbor Light Hospice :

Harbor Light Hospice seeks to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families who are facing limiting illness. We focus on life and the quality of living, while accepting the reality of death as a part of life. We provide comfort, company and active treatment of distressing symptoms, with the patient and their family as the focus of care. Services are provided by a team of professionals and volunteers who are physician directed and nurse coordinated. Comfort and coping resources are provided to the family for up to 13 months following the death of their loved one.

Contact : Alex Caruso

Address : 800 Roosevelt Ro. Building C Suite 206
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
United States – 60137
Phone Number : 630-300-3716
Email :


Are you Really Building Backlinks?

Hi there first I would like to introduce myself a little bit, my name is Taylor Rick I have been doing SEO for more than 8 years now, I’ve achieved almost everything that I desired for, now my aim is to guide the newcomers about this tricky field.

The topic that I’m going to discuss today is link building one of the most fundamental practices in SEO. Many of the new SEO practitioners and even some renowned names in the SEO fraternity make these mistakes.



Judging By Page Rank:

I’ve seen these days when PageRank update has been discontinued by Google, some SEO’s continue to rely on PageRank to determine the quality of a website and the estimation that should a link be placed on the specific website or not.



Well this is really nonsense and makes no sense these days, just think how many quality new websites you are missing out on by just depending on PR to evaluate a website. The best way to determine a websites value these days is to check its DA domain authority and PA page authority.

Now the question arises how? Well pretty simple the site that has DA of 10 should be considered as 1 PR and the site with 20 should be treated as a 2 PR website, this way you can judge the value of a website and can also place backlinks on a lot of quality new websites that don’t have any PR but still have a lot of authority.

Blind Back-linking:



I’ve seen many experienced practitioner’s doing blind back-linking, now what I mean by this, well let me elaborate. Blind Back-linking basically stands for the links that you are creating without any target or any idea.

For example searching terms like SBM List, directory submission list and creating backlinks on the websites that the specific list provides you.

Please wakeup out of all of this link building should be much more targeted these days you must have an idea of things. Rather than scraping these lists you should ask some of your SEO friends for a verified links list like the websites that you know are going to allow you to place a backlink immediately without putting it in months and months of review.

The story doesn’t ends here many of my colleagues keep building backlinks and that too viewable ones but complain that they are not seeing any results. Link building is surely not dead you must monitor your links after placing them.

The things that you should check when you have executed you’re back linking campaign.
1. Are they showing up in webmaster tool?
2. Are they showing up in any third party tool?
3. Is the anchor text ratio well diverse?

Well if they are not showing up in your webmaster tool or any other third party tool as well, it means that they have not been crawled or indexed. Means they will have no effect on the rankings of the website that you are trying to rank.

Maybe they will get crawled and indexed a bit later but you should definitely speed up the process by making tier 2 links and by pinging the backlinks.

Now you must be wondering what are tier 2 links well in simple words they are backlinks of your backlinks, and pinging is basically a signal to search engines that a link has been placed and the search engines are alerted of that.

On the endnote I’m leaving you with a list of some useful tools that can help you in your link building endeavors a lot.

1 . SEO Majestic a very useful tool can show you the links that are pointing to your or any other specific website and can also showcase the anchor text that has been used for placing the backlinks. This can give a great idea about which anchor text you have overused.

2. SEO Profiler: Almost a similar tool it also showcases the backlinks that are pointing towards a website, but it has some extras to go with it.

3. MOZ Domain Authority Extension: This extension will show you the DA and PA of a website and will also showcase you the backlinks pointing towards a website.

I hope everyone will benefit from this post because the core objective was to share as much of knowledge as I can to make the life of the SEO practitioners a bit easy.

Taylor Rick: Guest Blogger From: Averox UK

Giving a Space Elegance & Charm with Floor Solution NY’s Expert Hardwood Flooring Options

Nanuet, New York (allusatoday) May 17, 2016 – Regardless of the size and type of a space, the flooring that the owners choose can define its aesthetic appeal. Floor Solutions NY brings to property owners a premier catalogue of elegant hardwood and laminate options that transform any space into a charming looking haven.

As experts, the company specializes literally in every aspect of hardwood flooring including recommending the right option for a space, installation, repair and refinishing. Brand new home owners, existing home owners undergoing a remodelling, commercial property owners, architects and designers are able to leverage the one-of-a-kind expertise presented by the company to enjoy great results.

Over the years, the company has established itself as the best in the business, especially in the tristate area. Best known for their impeccable hardwood floor installation and repair services, the company comes with decades’ worth of cumulative experience in all kinds of flooring scenarios. Furthermore, with the help of an extremely well stocked warehouse, property owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to making a selection.

“We at Floor Solutions NY believe that hardwood floors provide a unique character to a space, enhancing its beauty and elegance. Furthermore, this form of flooring also offers a long lasting value for money allowing property owners to maintain a charming looking property for years to come,” says the Head of Sales at the company.

With the help of professional installers and hardwood floor repair experts the company makes sure that your space continues to look brand new over the years to come. Benefit from the high quality craftsmanship and excellent service that often makes first time buyers with Floor Solutions NY, loyal customers for years together.

The company offers a unique service in the form of a mobile showroom that can brought right to one’s doorstep. This allows property owners to make a well informed decision with regards to their flooring needs right where they intend to install it, taking into account factors such as the light during different times of the day, the type of furnishing, the colour of the walls and other factors that influence your choice. As a full-service flooring solution provider, Floor Solutions NY is the partners to have when working on a décor project.

About the Floor Solutions Inc

Run by Anibal Mazariego, Floor Solutions NY is a full service hardwood floor installation, repair, maintenance and refinishing business. Based out of Rockland County, this company comes with over 7 years of experience in the industry. To know more, visit

Contact Name: Anibal Mazariego


2 Old Turnpike rd #2D
Nanuet, New York
USA – 10954
Phone Number: (845) 406-2825
Email :


3 Things New Freelancers Should Never Do

Freelancing is now the biggest growing industry in online business. Peoples who want some freedom and fed up with restrictions of regular office jobs, tends to do freelance jobs online more effectively as compare to those who choose freelance jobs as second career. They take each and every job as the next step of their success in freelance career and to keep the faith of the businessmen who hire freelancers. No doubt, freelancing is exciting and inspiring. When you’re a new comer in freelancing business, there may be some critical decisions to make which will affect your freelance career badly. As in-experience freelancer small mistakes in your early career are understandable, but some mistakes can ruin your freelance career. Some mistakes that freelancers do in their childish days of freelancing career are given below.


Mistakes Freelancers Make

Don’t accept every job that comes your way

It is very common mistakes that almost every new freelancer do in his early career. It is always difficult to find jobs in early days of freelancing career, when freelancers fed up with continuous bidding on projects and found nothing at all, they tends to accept first job regardless of its nature and other aspects. As a professional freelancer you must be very selective about the jobs you take in the beginning of career. You have to define the lines of your work and have to follow them strictly. For example if you are a writer and your focus area is legal documents, then you don’t have to accept jobs of blog writing. You have to decide the writing type you want to do for example content writer, copy writing, and so on. If you don’t know what is your focus area in freelance business then it is not right time to start freelance business. You have to polish your skills and have to gain expertise in your focus area. You have to spend some time learning the different aspects of freelance business.

Don’t miss deadlines

If you find job in early days of you freelance career, believe me you are the luckiest person. After getting job it is important more than any other thing to complete the job in given time. If you miss the deadline of your job it will hurts your freelance business. Your customer loses trust that you will have to develop by completing the job on time. In this case clients are less likely to order from you again. If you need more time to complete the job then early communication is better. You must have to inform the client have to take his consent. Never compromise on quality of work, if there is shortage of time and you can’t do quality work, then it is recommended to discuss with client, tell him the entire situation and then ask him to give you more time. But if the job is not completed in right way or the way it should be completed then client has right to give you negative feedback’s and low ranking and in worse scenario you may bear the loss in terms of money. So never miss deadlines.

Don’t rely on just one client

It is also suggested that you don’t have to rely on one client. Many freelancers do jobs online only for one or two clients. You can’t improve your skills till you work for many clients. Every client in freelance business must have its own demands and needs. If you work for only one client, you will never understand the ever changing freelance industry. If you are working with one client then think that, what happens if that one client decides to take his business elsewhere? Then you have to find new clients in hurry and this will not happen soon as you may think.

It is important to understand your mistakes as early as you can. Because learning from mistakes will leads to a situation where your freelance business can grow.

ANZZI Luxury Bathware Collections Make Place on the Largest Retail Store in the US

Miami, Florida (allusatoday) May 4, 2016 – ANZZI features world-class craftsmanship in the production of its diverse array of home hardware and fixtures. Recently, the company has marked its position in one of the premier retail store chains in America.

The company has come up on this store with a wide and diverse range of bathware products such as towel warmers, faucet and sinks. Added to these, there is an entire page on the leading retailer site dedicated to ANZZI bathtubs. The products will be on promotion thru the month of May.

There is an industry buzz with the launch of ANZZI on this home improvement retail site. An ANZZI spokesperson states, “It’s a matter of great excitement, honor and pride for us to have our products featured on the largest home improvement retail site in the US. They are very serious about the products they feature and ANZZI’s presence there only highlights the impeccable, one-of-a-kind bathroom décor you will see from ANZZI.”

A Spa World, ANZZI has its bathroom decor and vanity products created by some of the most talented designers in the industry. The company gears to offers unique luxe bathware infused with old-world values and trendy styles, technology & functionality.

Speaking further, the spokesperson commented on their current ongoing sales on plush bathtubs that are offering up to 30 percent discount. The company’s visibility on the leading retail store chains also offers a wide range of freestanding bathtubs in stone and acrylic.

“Our bathtubs are one of the finest of our collections that speak of inspiring designs and premium make only. We have them in varied artistic styles like stiletto shoe, opal freestanding translucent tub offered in many different colors etc. The running promotional offer is just the icing on the cake that you are sure to love.”


ANZZI, a division of Spa World Corp is a leading manufacturer of luxury bath and kitchen products that are crafted by some of the most talented designers of the industry. For more details, visit

Contact Name: Aimee Sullivan


5701 NW 35 Avenue
Miami, FL
USA – 33142
Phone Number: (844) 442-6994
Email :


A FREE CONCERT – To Honor the Humanitarian Spirit of the Greek People

Chalcis, Greece (allusatoday) May 3, 2016 – JoinedHands, a non-profit organization, is hosting a free concert on May 7th, 2016 at 8:00 PM (UTS+3) at the castle in Karampampa, in Chalcis. This two-and-a-half hour musical event, will feature special guests, Marietta Fafouti and Gaultier, along with a group of well-known international artists including Tim Ries, Ken Miller, Eleanor Dubinsky, Dylan Lovett, Marcus Lovett, and Wobbly World. The artists performing welcome all to enjoy the free concert that is hosting to honor the humanitarian spirit of the Greek people.

There will be a celebration to follow at the Xenia Bar-Cafe immediately following the concert.


JoinedHands is committed to providing immediate relief to the world’s most vulnerable people, whose needs cannot be met by traditional humanitarian organizations. We are powered by international talent, who are accustomed to swift problem-solving and sensitivity under a variety of circumstances. We bring together a focused, talent-based volunteer team with a global network to join hands in doing whatever is necessary to provide immediate support to communities in desperate need. We believe that uniting the vulnerable population, the surrounding resident community, and other dedicated humanitarians, yields the strongest solution.

JoinedHands is an entirely self-funded 501C3 charitable organization, and we ask for your support in bringing a force for wisdom, work and wealth to serve populations in dire circumstances. JoinedHands was founded by Marcus Lovett. You can learn more at

About Marcus Lovett :Marcus Lovett started his career as a singer and actor in the original Broadway production of Les Miserables. He is proud to have made his living as an actor and singer for his thirty year career.Last fall, Marcus felt compelled to get involved and volunteer his time non-profit organization working in Lesvos, including a grassroots group of humanitarians also known as East End Cares and its Direct Relief Project.As founder of JoinedHands, he is proud to be associated with artists from around the word in celebration of the Greek humanitarian spirit.

Contact Information:


200 Park Avenue South 8th Floor

New York, NY 10003


How do I save files from Phone internal memory to SD card

“I have got the new Galaxy S6 32G version and I am taking photos and downloading applications but it does not have very much space on it. So I got a SD card for it and I am trying figure out how to move apps, photos, music and videos to the SD card?”

If this problem happen to you, here is a step by step guide will show you how to transfer photos and apps from phone internal memory to SD card. Easy to follow, even you are not computer savvy can handle it.

I will take my Android phone galaxy S6 as example in this guide, the operation steps are the same for other Android devices. And this tutorial will include two parts as follow:

Part1. How to transfer photos from Phone internal memory to SD card
Part2. How to transfer apps Phone internal memory to SD card
Transfer photo is different from transferring app, So I have to separate the guide into two parts, refer to the guide according to your need. Now, let’s start the guide.

Tips: For the Android user who delete the photos, videos, contacts or document by accident, here is the Android Data Recovery ( for you.
Part1. How to transfer photos from Phone internal memory to SD card

Step1. Locate the photos on your Phone internal memory. By default, the photos will be saved in this folder:
My Files > All Files > Device Storage > Pictures/DCIM/Music/Movies/etc
Here are specify steps to find your photos.
Go to the phone main screen and then open Applications by tapping the Apps icon.

Step2. Scroll through the Apps until you see “My Files”. And then tap on “My Files”

Step3. Tap “All Files”, and then select ” Device storage “. You will also see the “SD Memory card” as long as your phone recognize the SD card well, if not, you may need to check the SD card to make sure it work properly.

Step4. Once you enter the “Device Storage”. You will see a list of all files on your phone Internal Memory. Here is some information about the folders.
Pictures folder– which often contains the Screenshots taken on your phone, and may contain the phones Photo note folder.
DCIM folder – this is the default storage location for photos and videos taken with the camera of an Android device, this is the best place to start when transferring Photos from an Android phone Internal Memory to SD card.
Music folder – often contains music downloaded to your phone. Note: if you download music through a third party application then the music might be stored in a different folder other than the Music folder.
Movies folder – as the name suggests this is a good place to look for movies that you may have added to your phone.

Step5. Since this guide is mainly about transfer photos from Internal Memory to SD card, I will take photos as sample, transfer music and movies are the same. Tap on the “DCIM” folder, and then the “Camera” folder. You will find all the photos taken by the camera as follow screenshot.

Step6. Select the photos you want to transfer. You can transfer only certain photos or the whole photos as you like. To select all the photos tap on the Menu key on the bottom left hand corner of phone, and when presented with some choices tap on the Select all option.

Step7. Once all the photos are selected tap on the “Additional Settings” icon in the upper right hand corner of the display. Then press the “Copy” option.

Step8. Once you tap on Copy the phone will want to know where you want to copy those photos to, so tap SD memory card. Your memory card will most likely have a DCIM folder already. If your phone doesn’t have a DCIM folder then tap Create folder and make one.
Note: If you had to manually create a DCIM folder in step 8 then you will also need to manually create a Camera folder (within that DCIM folder) on this step as well.

Step9. Tap Paste here which is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. And you photos will be transferred automatically. Done.
Part2. How to transfer apps Phone internal memory to SD card

Step1. Navigate to Settings on the phone. You can find the settings menu in the app drawer.

Step2. Tap Application Manager.

Step3. Select an app you want to move to the SD card. And then tap the Move to SD Card button.
Note: If you don’t see the Move to SD Card button, it means the App cannot be moved. Most preloaded Apps cannot be moved to external SD card. If you stick to doing the transferring, you may need to root your phone first, then you can use App2SD to transfer the Apps. Done.