Z-WAVE Smart LED Bulb




The modern home has seen a dramatic face lift over the course of the last few years, as more and more ‘smart’ connected devices have found their place throughout the home. One of the more relevant things we’ve checked out specifically, the all-in-one home security system in Piper, has shown us how peace of mind can be achieved when you’re away. Although it currently lays claim to an assortment of companion accessories, like door sensors and wall outlets, they’ve only recently announced a smart Z-Wave LED bulb that can be remotely accessed.



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Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Credit Card Improvement 

In the event that you’ve attempted to acquire cash in the past for business or for individual reasons, you’ve doubtlessly go over the idea of individual credit and an individual credit score. As an entrepreneur, you might likewise have business credit. Loan specialists take a gander at both individual and business credit in figuring out if to loan you cash. Here, we clarify what business credit is and list five tips for you to set up and raise your business credit.

Improving Credit Score Can Help People to Earn Trust From Banks!

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Coffee Addiction

Are You Addicted to Coffee?

Starbucks is one of the most famous coffee making corporations that produces high quality coffee for its customers. They have customers from all over and get completely swamped with orders during the cold season. Their coffee is so addictive to many people that disclaimers are sometimes put in order for them not to be made liable for any incident that occurs due to excessive consumption. There are many signs that show you are completely addicted to Starbucks. Yes, it is addictive. Many people are addicted to Starbucks’ coffee and drinks because of their sweet taste and quality flavors. Here are some of the signs.


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Happy Wife, Happy Life !

Make Her Happy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard friends say the love and romance has gone out of their relationship or marriage. My question for them is what are you doing to keep the relationship interesting? You see, the fire in a relationship isn’t going to keep burning if you don’t provide fuel for it. So, if your relationship seems to have been getting a little cold lately,

holding hands

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TOP 10 Ways to be Debt Free

Debt Free Life

Getting into deep debt happens so fast and sometimes getting out can be a massive challenge. In this tough economy, a lot of people are slowly finding themselves in endless debt and with no real resources to pay off creditors it becomes really difficult to be debt free. However, there are a few simple ways you can use to deal with debt and stay debt free for the rest of your life. The following are 10 simple tips to use today.

Debt Burden

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TOP 10 Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu !

Winter and Flu Season

Winter is probably the worst season for the doctors who fight with unwanted germs. When the winter ushers in, people seem to develop symptoms of colds and flu. There is no known cure to prevent colds and flu. Proactive steps can help lead a healthy life during winter and throughout. This happens due to weak immune system. Virus and bacteria find it easy to enter your body. The article describes 10 ways to avoid colds and flu.


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Dollar VS. Dollar

Canadian Dollar Slump

With Christmas travel around the corner, the slumping Canadian dollar is a disappointment to vacationers waiting for flights at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Tuesday. Some travelers are worried about exchange rates. recently USD is more expensive than CAD.



“I lose 30 per cent of my money, it’s pretty sad but what are you going to do?” one traveler told Global News, resigned to the realities of the latest news about the currency’s decline.

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Stomach ache Ahhhhh !

Prevent stomach ache ! he3414

Some food increases the acidity and heartburn as a resultof their use are not recommended for people with stomach ulcers. In addition to these cases because these foods also disrupt the healing process.

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Women Vs Heart Disease

It’s In Your DNA ! 


Think breast cancer is the top health threat facing women? Statistics Canada says three out of every ten women die of heart disease, making it the leading cause of death. And your risk of developing it is doubled if you’ve got heart disease in your family history. Which is why the Heart and Stroke Foundation is making that genetic component a big part of its holiday awareness campaign. Continue reading

OnePlus X Revolution

At a press conference held yesterday OnePlus presented their third phone – the OnePlus X. The OnePlus X is a significant departure from the Flagship Killer mantra that followed the past two models. This time, OnePlus focused more on delivering a compact device that still retained a good deal of features and specifications but wasn’t really a flagship device anymore.Don’t get us wrong, the OnePlus X is a capable device on its own just as well. It’s just that it’s targeted at another market segment. OnePlus has gone to great lengths to assure there is a premium feel about the phone and their attention to detail (and marketing too) is just as high as before.OnePlus will be launching the OnePlus X in two variants. The mass market version will be the more affordable Onyx Black variant with a glass back, but there is also the Ceramic variant, which will not only be available in limited markets but also in limited numbers. The Ceramic version will be made available a bit later than the standard issue black one (Nov 24) and for now it will be available only the EU and India.

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